Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 19

After putting the CD case in my car, I hear Alexa running down the steps. "BRIANNA!!!! Mommy said that we can come with you and Sidney as long as he doesn't care, and I told her that Taylor was outside asking Sidney right now." She says. A few seconds later, Sidney and Taylor come back inside

"Brianna.. Taylor said that you said that Alexa and Taylor can ride with us if I said okay?" Sidney asks with a confused look on his face.

"Um... well... They wanted to listen to this one CD and I didnt care if they came with us, so Alexa went and asked your parents and they said that they could come with us as long as you didnt care." I reply.

"Oh... well I don't care if they come with us." Sidney says

"YAYY!!!! Brianna can we go and get some candy for the ride?" Alexa asks.

"Ya sure sweetie, you know where the candy is in my room... but just dont take it all." I say as the 4 of us head back upstairs. The girls run up the steps and towards the room while Sidney stops me at the bottom of the steps. "Thanks for letting my little sister and Alexa come with us. Taylor's really excited." He says pulling me into his arms and kissing me.

"Anytime." I say as we start walking upstairs.

"Brianna, are you sure that you're okay with driving the girls to Kennywood?" Mrs. Crosby asks as Sidney and
I walk into the kitchen.

"Of course. I know how upset Alexa was yesterday when ya'll had to leave, so its really no big deal." I say.

"Thanks sweetie, the girls are so excited." Mrs. Lemieux says. After talking for the parents for a few more minutes so that we can figure out when we are meeting up and that kinda stuff its time to leave. So, the parents tell the kids that its time to go, so Sidney and I head down to my car where the girls are already waiting.

"Okay Brianna, I know that you guys will probably beat us there, so just wait in your car til we get there." My dad says.

"All of us parents have our cell phones, Sid, Bri, do you both have yours?" Mrs Crosby asks.

"Yea." Sidney and I both reply. Once everyone is in the car, and has buckled their seat belts I open the garage door, start my car, and back out.

"Brianna can you put the CD on for us?!?" Alexa asks in an impatient tone.

"Hang on Lex, I gotta back out without hitting anyone or anything." I say.

"Here, I got it, which CD is it?" Sidney asks.

"Um... I think number 1" I say.

"Alright, here ya go girls." Sidney says as he puts the CD on.

"Thanks Sid" I say after I pull out of my driveway.

"No problem Bri" He says with a smile.

"So who's ready for Kennywood?" I ask at one of the red lights.

"We are!!!" The girls cheer from the back seat. While the girls listened to their CD, Sidney and I talked about what ride we were gonna go on first and what rides I knew I wasnt gonna go on when my phone started going off because someone someone just sent me a text.

"Ugh... Sidney can you read that for me?" I ask handing him my phone.

"Ya sure." He says taking my phone. "Its from Eddie and it says, 'hi my love whats up?' My love what in the world is that supposed to mean?" Sidney says with an angry look on his face. Noticing how mad he is I decide to pull over since I know that we are wayy ahead of the parents.

"Hey why are we pulling over?" Alexa asks.

"Its cool, I just need to talk to Sidney about something.. Keep listening to the music." I say.

"Okay Brianna." Alexa says

"Alright Brianna Malone, who is this Eddie dude and why are you 'his love'?" Sidney asks again, this time with a hurt look on his face.

"Sidney sweetie." I say holding his hands. "Eddie is the son of your Coach Ed Olczyk... Eddie and I go to school together and we are just friends." I say with a serious look on my face.

"But then why did he call you his love?" Sidney asks.

"Because Eddie and I are really good friends so people always ask us if we are dating or something since we were like always hanging out together and stuff, so its kinda like an inside joke, because I used to call him my love too, but he doesnt know that we are dating and the rule is that we can only call each other that when both of us are single." I say feeling really bad about the whole situation.

"I'm sorry Brianna, I shouldnt have jumped to conclusions, it's just that I really like you and the whole my love thing had me really confused." He says leaning over and giving me a quick kiss.

"No, I'm the one that should be sorry, I should have told you about Eddie, but I promise that as soon as we get to Kennywood I'll call him and tell him not to call me that anymore okay?" I say looking into those dark brown eyes of his.

"Okay Bri, but I think we should get going 'cause the girls are starting to get mad." Sidney says.

"Alright... Okay girls sorry about that... lets get going." I say as I pull back onto the road.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 18

At 9:15am I am getting woke up by the sound of my cell phone going off indicating that I have a new text. Once I look at my phone I realize that its from Sidney so I open the text and it says.

You said that you wanted to wake
up at 9, and I didnt know if you
would have remembered to set an
alarm or not so I decided to txt
u and make sure that you woke
up on time. :)

'oh geeze' I say to myself. 'thank goodness he texted me 'cause I totally forgot to set my alarm.' After getting up and making my bed, I decided to text Sidney back and thank him for texting me.

Heyy thank you sooo much 4 that
reminder! I completly 4got to set my
alarm...that wouldnt have been good..
well im gonna go get ready... ill cya in
about 45 minutes..and dont 4get ur stuff
since ur staying here tonight

After I send that text to Sidney, I decide to go take a quick shower. Once I get out of the shower, I put on my light blue and white bathing suit, a pair of jean shorts, a navy blue hollister shirt and my navy blue flip flops. After that, I go back into my room and pack clothes for later... (Since I ususally do all of the water rides at Kennywood first, I decided to make sure I have other clothes to change into.) I got out my light blue reebok drawstring bag, and packed a white hollister hoodie (incase it gets colder at night), another pair of jean shorts, a white hollister t-shirt, a white cami to go underneath that, and my navy blue and white rbk tennis shoes. Once that was done, I straightened my hair, put some make-up on and then put the make-up in my bag for later... I grabbed my cell phone, camera and some money and walked out to the kitchen where my mom and dad were sitting eating breakfast.

"Good morning Bri." My mom says. "Morning mom and dad." I say getting a bottle of apple juice out of the fridge. "You ready for Kennywood?" My dad asks. "Of course I am!" I reply giving my dad a smile. "Thats good, so you have your ticket, money and your phone right?" My mom asks. "Yep right here." I say showing her everything. "Okay good, so Sidney is staying here tonight and then you two are gonna meet Ryan and Abby at the mall tomorrow right?" My mom says. "Yepp...Well I'm gonna go put my bag down in the car, do you want me to take anything down with me?" I ask heading towards the steps. "Nope, I think we're good." My dad says.

After I take my bag down to my car, I walk back up the stairs and sit down in the kitchen. I swear... as soon as I sat down and opened the sports section, the doorbell rang. "Ugh... I got it." I say getting up from my seat and walking towards the front door.

As I open the door I see Austin, Alexa and Taylor standing there. "BRIANNA!!! Are you ready to go to Kennywood?!?" Austin asks. "Oh course I am!, Come on in." I say motioning for the 3 kids to come inside. After greeting Nathalie, Mario and the Crosbys I smile at Sidney and say, "Heyy, thanks again for the text." "Anytime Bri." He says hugging me and giving me a quick kiss.

"So, are you ready for Kennywood?" I ask. "Of course I am." He says taking my hand as we walk into the kitchen where the parents are sitting. "What time are we leaving?" I ask to no one in particular. "About 5 minutes or so." My mom says. "Alright, I'm gonna go make sure I have everything, Sidney do you wanna come with me?" I ask.

"Ya sure." He says as we start walking to the garage. "You remembered your stuff right?" I ask him. "Ya I'm going to go get it out of my parents car right now... do you wanna come?" He asks. "Sure why not." I reply as we walk out to the Crosby's car.

After we go out and get Sidney's, one of his cousins calls him, so I take his stuff and put it into my car. Once the stuff is in my car, I see Taylor and Alexa standing in the doorway holding a CD case. "Brianna what CD is this?" Alexa asks handing me the case. "Do you two remember how we were watching and listening to that Dream Street DVD while I was doing your hair the other day?" I ask. "Ya..." both girls reply. "Well remember the cute one with the black shirt... Greg Raposo.. Well this is his CD.. I actually have it in my car right now." I say pointing towards the car. "Aww can we listen to it on the way to Kennywood?" The girls ask. "Um... girlies... I hate to break it to ya, but I doubt the moms are going to want to listen to this CD for like 45 minutes. So if its okay with your moms and Sid, you two are more than welcome to come with us..." "Really Bri?!? Alright I'll go ask our moms and Taylor you go ask your brother." Alexa says running up the steps to ask the moms if its okay for them to come with Sidney and I while Taylor goes outside to ask her brother if its okay.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 17

After I get to the mall, park my car, and head inside, I walk down to Starbucks to meet Kevin. As soon as I get to Starbucks, I see Kevin standing in line, so I decided to walk up behind him and give him a giant hug.
"Kevin! I've missed you so much!" I say as he turns around so that he's facing me.

"I've missed you too Brianna!" He says hugging me.

"So what are you gonna order?" I ask.

"My usual... a grande Green Tea. you?"

"Same." I answer. Once we get our drinks we go and sit down at one of the tables.

"So Brianna... who's the new boyfriend?" Kevin asks.

" actually will probably know who he is... his names Sidney, he's new in town, and he's a hockey player." I say.

"BRIANNA! Are you dating Sidney Crosby?" Kevin asks.

"Ya.. That's him, but shut up! I don't want the whole world to know and you can't tell anyone!" I say giving him a stern look.

"Deal, so Sidney Crosby... dang Bri, what happended to no more hockey players?" Kevin asks.

"Well that all went out the window when I met him." I say taking a sip of my Green Tea.

"And exactly how did you meet Sidney Crosby?" He asks.

"Well... on Friday, Mrs. Lemieux called and asked me if I would babysit for them since they were taking Sidney's parents out to dinner, so it was honestly like love at first sight Kev, like I've had this amazing connection with him since the minute we met." I say with a smile.

"Bri, I'm happy for you" He says.

"Thanks Kevin." I say with yet another smile. After talking about random stuff for another half hour or so, we decide to do some shopping. I bought a new hoodie at Hollister and 2 new shirts and Kevin did the same thing. At about 9:10ish we were done shopping, and I was getting tired so we decided to leave.

"Well Bri, I had a lot of fun. " Kevin says as walk towards the food court enterance.

"Same here, do you need a ride home?" I ask.

"Sure, thanks Bri." He says as we walk towards my car. After I take Kevin home, and get back to my house, I say goodnight to my parents and I decide to call Ryan to see what he really thinks about Sidney and I.
"Hello?" Ryan answers.

"Hey Ry, Its me." I say putting my bags down on my bed.

"Hey Bri, whats up?" He asks.

"Um... not much... I just need to ask you about something."

"Okay Bri, go for it?"

"Do you really think that I am stupid for dating Sidney?" I say with a concerned tone of voice.

"Oh Bri, I'm sorry, I just said that the other night because I worry about you hun, I mean you're like my little sister, and I just don't want to see you get hurt again, but after seeing how happy you and Sidney are, I totally think that you two are perfect for each other."

"So you mean that you're not mad that I'm dating him."

"No Bri, I could never be mad at you, and I'm sorry that I acted like a complete ass at first.. I realize now that I shouldnt have spazzed like that, and I feel really bad about it."

"Its cool I understand Ryan, but I have to go someone's on my other line."

"Okay bye Bri." Ryan says.

"Bye Ryan." I say as I switch lines.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey Bri, how did your shopping trip go?" I very drowsy Sidney Crosby asks.

"Hi Sid, it went good. Kevin took it really well and he didnt flip out like Nikki did." I say with a laugh.

"Haha thats good... Well I'm pretty tired, but I just wanted to call you and tell you good night." He says with a yawn.

"Aww good night Sid, thanks for calling." I say.

"No problem, I'll see ya tomorrow morning." I say.

"Alright, bye Bri."

"Bye Sidney." I say and then I hang up my phone. Once I change into my pajamas, I climb into bed and quickly fall asleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 16

After I get done talking to Abby, I lay in the sun for a couple of hours before my phone starts going off...


"Hi Bri, It's Kevin."

"Oh hey Kev, whats up?" I ask

"Not much... what are you doing tonight?" He asks.

"Nothing why?..." I ask.

"Cause, we haven't hung out in forever, and we have soo much to catch up on." He replies.

"Oh... well I'm going to Kennywood tomorrow with my boyfriend...but we can chill tonight if you want." I say waiting for his reply.

"Boyfriend? Who is Miss Brianna Malone dating now?" Kevin asks

"You dont know him...but um.. his names Sidney." I say

"Sidney?... so is he nice?"

"Ya he's like the perfect boyfriend and we've only been dating for like 2 days." I answer.

"Thats good. So ya...what do you wanna do tonight?"

"Um... do you just wanna go to the mall or something?"

"ya, sounds good its what 5:30 right now? so do you wanna meet at Robinson at like 7?" He asks.

"Ya thats fine with me, I'll see ya then Kev."

"Alright see ya then Bri,"


"Bye" I say and close my phone.

**Back in my Kitchen**
"Hey mom, can I go to the mall with Kevin?" I ask

"Ya, sure what time?" My mom asks.

"I'm gonna meet him there at 7. and I should be back by 9 or 9:30"

"Okay thats fine... Did you tell him about Sidney?"

"Kinda... like he knows that I have a boyfriend named Sidney..He just doesnt know that it's Sidney Crosby, but I'm gonna tell him tonight. I mean Sidney and I agreed that we were gonna tell family and close friends, and Kevin is like a brother to I'm gonna ask Sid if he cares and then I'll tell Kevin tonight."

"Well, I'm glad that you and Sidney are handling your relationship like that, I mean we know how the media can get, but ya, I don't think he's gonna care if you tell Kevin." My mom says.

"Okay well I'm gonna go get a shower and get ready to go to the mall." I say as I walk towards my room. After getting my shower I go back into my room and put on a pair of cute jean shorts, a navy blue Hollister shirt and my navy blue flip flops. Once I am done getting dressed, I put on some make-up and I dry my shoulder-length brown hair, straighten it and put it into low pigtails. Since its only 6:30 and I don't have to leave for another 15 minutes, I decide to call Sid and ask him if he cares if I tell Kevin or not.
"Hello?" Sidney answers.

"Hey Sid, whats up?"

"Hi Bri, not much how are you?"

"I'm good.. um.. I have something to ask you..." I say

"Okay.. What's up?" He asks.

"Alright, so you said how we were gonna tell family and close friends that we are dating? Well... I'm kinda going to the mall tonight with my friend Kevin, and I wanted to know if you cared if I told him or not about us." I say hoping that he is going to let me tell Kevin.

"Sure Bri, I mean I don't care if you tell him.. I've already told a few of my friends from back home that we are dating and I sent them a picture of me and you, and I'm just gonna tell you know that they all think that you're hott, but I told them to back off cause you're mine." He says.

"Aww Sidney, thats so cute, and thanks for letting me tell Kevin, he's like a brother to me... like I've known him my entire life." I say blushing about what his friends said.

"No problem hun." He says.

"You're the best Sid, but I have to go...I'm supposed to be meeting Kevin at the mall in like 15 minutes." I say.

"Okay I'll talk to you later Bri." He says.

"Alright, bye sweetie." I say.

"Bye hun." He replies. Once I know that he has hung up I close my phone, grab my purse and car keys and start walking towards the kitchen.

"Bye mom and dad, I'll be back by 9:30" I say.

"Okay sweetie have fun." My dad says.

"I will" I say as I open the door and start walking down the stairs. Once I get out to my car, I get in, turn the car on, and start driving to the mall... I just hope that Kevin doesn't freak like Nikki did when I tell him that I am dating Sidney Crosby

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 15

"Hey Bri!" My best friend Nikki says from behind the counter.

"Heyy Nikki whats up?"

"Not much... who's your friend?" she asks motioning towards Sidney.

"Nikki... you promise not to make a scene?...." I ask.

"pinky promise" she says holding out her pinky.

"Alright, this is Sidney. Sidney this is my best friend Nikki." I say introducing them to eachother.

"Hi Nikki, nice to meet you." Sidney says waving to her.

"Hi Sidney nice to meet you... wait a minute... you mean Sidney as in SIDNEY CROSBY?!?.. Brianna, how do you know him?!?" She asks as she waves back.

"Shh Nikki stop it! You're gonna cause a scene! We both babysat for the Lemieux's and then the Lemieuxs and Sid's family came over for a pool party yesterday, and they ended up staying over night, so Sidney and I came to get breakfast" I say smiling at him.

"Oh okay... So what can I get for you two today?" She asks.

"Um... 6 plain bagels, 3 blueberry and 3 more of whatever you feel like getting, and then 2 containers of cream cheese." After paying for the food and saying goodbye to Nikki, Sidney and I head back to the car.

"Wow, I'm so sorry about that...Nikki has never acted like that before." I say as I unlock the car.

"Its cool, shes your best friend right?" Sidney asks.

"Ya why?"

"Well, I thought that we agreed that we could tell family and close friends... so why didn't you tell her that we're dating?" He asks.

"Well I didn't want her to cause a scene." I say as I start the car.

"Oh.. okay..." He says with a sad look on his face.

"Sidney, what's wrong?" I ask with a concerned look on my face.

"Nothing.. I'm sorry Bri, I'm still kinda tired." He says leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, go ahead and take a quick nap.. we won't be back to my house for like 15 minutes." I say pulling out of the parking lot.

"Alright Bri" He says leaning his head against the window. 15 minutes or so later we are back at my house. "Sid, wake up... we're back." I say turning the car off.

"Alright..." he says picking up the Panera bag and getting out of the car.

"Thanks for coming with me." I say as we walk toward the door.

"Anytime" He says pulling me into his strong arms and kissing me. Once we part we walk up the stairs and see everyone waiting for us in the kitchen.

"What took so long?" My mom asks.

"It takes like 10-15 minutes to get there and another 10-15 minutes to get back and Nikki was working so I had to introduce her to Sid..." I say looking at the adults.

"Oh okay." My mom says. Once we get our bagels and some fruit, Sidney and I decide to go sit out by the pool.

"Are you feeling better after your mini nap?" I say sitting down at the table.

"Ya" He says giving me a smile. After breakfast Sidney and I go back inside where the adults are sitting so that we can figure out the cars for Kennywood.

"Alright heres what we have so far." Mrs. Lemieux says handing me a piece of paper with everyones names on it.

"Okay so mom, Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Lemieux, Alexa and Taylor are in one car. Austin, Nick [my brother], Mr. Crosby, Mario and dad are in another car...What about Sidney and I?" I say to no one in particular with a confused look on my face.

"Well.. I know that you will probably want to be at the park until it closes, and I know that the rest of us won't, so we figured that you and Sidney could take a car, and then he can just stay here since you guys are meeting Abby and Ryan at the mall the next day." My mom says.

"Oh.. that makes more sense now." I say.

"Sid is that okay with you?" his mom asks.

"Ya thats fine with me." He says with a smile. After sitting with the adults for a while Austin comes in and asks, "Bri, will you and Sidney come outside so we can go swimming?"

"Sure thing, let me go change first." I say. After I change into my bathing suit and Sidney changes into his, we go out to the pool where the kids are waiting patiently to go swimming. As soon as they saw us, they all jumped in. A few minutes later Austin asks, "Bri, can you come here real quick?"

"Ya sure hun." I reply getting up from my chair. Once I get over to him, he goes, "I need to tell you a secret."

"Okay." I say leaning towards him. The next thing I know I am being pushed into the pool by Sidney.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?" I say in an "upset" tone of voice realizing that Taylor and Alexa were right behind him.

"Aww Bri, I'm sorry..." He says as Taylor and Alexa walk up behind him and as soon as he is done saying sorry they push him in.

"I'm not!" They both say as Sidney gives them a "why did you do that" look.

"Haha! Way to go Tay and Lex!" I say to both of the girls. After hanging out with the kids in the pool for a while, Sidney and I decide to go dry off. At around, 2 the parents came outside and told the kids that they were gonna be leaving in 15 minutes so they had to get out....

"But mommy... I dont wanna leave...I'm gonna miss Bri!" Alexa whines...

"Alexa, you're gonna see her tomorrow when we all go to Kennywood." Mrs. Lemieux.

"Alright..." Alexa says. 15 minutes later Taylor, Alexa and Austin are back outside where their parents and Sidney are getting ready to leave. I said bye and hugged Mario then Nathalie, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, Taylor, Alexa, Austin and last but not least.. Sidney..

"Bye Sid." I say giving him a big hug.

"Bye Bri, Don't miss me too much." He says with a
laugh and then kissing me.

"I'll try not to." I say kissing him back.

"So 10 am tomorrow?" He asks.

"Yep." I reply.

"See ya then." He says as he gets into the car.

"Okay, see ya then" I say giving him a quick kiss and closing the car door for him. Once they leave I walked back up to the pool and help my mom clean stuff up. After that is done, I went back out by the pool to tan for a while. Not even a minute after I lay down I get a text. I open my phone and see its from Sidney.
heyy Bri,
I just wanted to let you know that I
had a great time and I can't wait to
go to Kennywood with you 2morrow!

'Aww thats so sweet of him.' you think to yourself. and you text back
heyy Sid,
I also had soo much fun hanging out
with you and I cant for Kennywood
2morrow either! i'm gonna go lay in da
sun for a while, so i'll ttyl

Once you text him back, you decide to call Abby and tell her how things went.
"Heyy Bri."

"Heyy Abby whats up?"

"Not much... how are things between you and Sidney going?"

"Things are great! We are going to Kennywood tomorrow. He is an amazing boyfriend Abby."

"Aww Bri, I'm so happy that you like him! You two really do look cute together."

"Thanks, but Abby I have to ask you something...Why do I already have such strong feelings about him? I mean i've only known him for a couple of days." I say in a concerned tone of voice.

"Bri, thats normal, I mean you two really are perfect for each other." She says reassuring me that my feelings towards Sidney are okay.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 14

"Where are you two going?" Mario asks as he walks out of the room where all of the dads are playing pool.

"Panera.." I say.

"Who's car are you taking?" My dad asks.

"Mine why?" I ask.

"Just wondering." My dad answers.

"Well... were gonna go." I say as Sidney and I walk out to the garage.

"Nice" Sidney says looking at my silver 2004 Jetta.

"Thanks it was a 16th birthday present last year from the guys" I say as I walk over to the drivers side.

"The guys?" Sidney asks with a confused look on his face

"Ya a bunch of the hockey players that I know got me a car for my 16th birthday." I say as I get in the car.

"Like who?" Sidney asks as he gets into the passengers side.

"Like Ryan and most of the guys from the Wilkes-Barre Scranton team that I have known for a year or more." I say as I pull out of the garage.

"Oh, so like guys that you are friends with..." Sidney says.


"Did you know that you we're getting a car... or was it a surprise?" Sidney asks.

"It was a complete surprise. the baby Penguins had a game on the 7th and then they didnt have another game til the 11th so their coach gave them the 9th off so the guys surprised me by coming up to Pittsburgh for my birthday since I didnt have school that day and the Penguins didnt play on my birthday either so a bunch of them came barging into my room at like 9am to wake me up and then Ryan showed up with the car a few minutes later with a big red bow on top of it."

"I bet you were in shock when you saw that car."

"Ya I was like 'oh my gosh! I can't believe that you guys actually got me the car that i wanted!!!' because I had been joking around with them for a few weeks telling them that I would never talk to them again if I didnt get a Jetta for my birthday." I say.

"Well I guess that they didnt want that so they figured they should get me the car."

"Ya so that day like 6 of them took me to get my permit, I passed the test and when I got home they threw me a surprise party."

"Wow, they must really like you Bri." Sidney says.

"I guess so" I say with a smile as I pull into a spot in the Panera parking lot. "Well we're here..." I say as I turn off the car.

"So what exactly are we getting?" Sidney asks as we walk towards the front door.

"Um 6 plain bagels, 6 of whatever we decide and 2 containers of their cream cheese." I say as Sidney holds the door open for me.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 13

After sitting out by the fire til 12:45 (which was about 25 minutes after the parents went inside) Sidney and I decided to go inside.

"Brianna, I had a great time tonight." He says taking my hand as we walk inside.

"Same here." I say kissing him on the cheek. "Well, I'm gonna go change into my pajamas, do you want me to grab you a t-shirt or something?" I ask.

"Brianna, do you seriously think that one of your shirts will fit me?" He asks.

"Ya, I'll just find a t-shirt that is too big on me, c'mon we have to be quiet cuz your parents are in my room." I reply. After grabing a pair of black soffe shorts a t-shirt for me and a t-shirt for Sidney we walk back towards the living room. "I'm gonna go to my parents bathroom and change, you can use the bathroom right down the hall," I whisper pointing towards the other bathroom.

"Alright Bri, I'll meet you in the kitchen in a few minutes." Sidney whispers.

"Okay sounds good." I whisper back and then give him a quick kiss. After changing into my pajamas, I walked out to the kitchen where Sidney was sitting texting someone.

"Soo, did you miss me Bri?" Sidney asks as I walk over to him.

"Of course I did." I reply in a sarcastic tone wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Good." He says with a laugh.

"I'm really tired, I think that I'm gonna go to sleep." I say as I start to yawn.

"Same here... we're sleeping in the living room right?" Sidney asks as he stands up.

"Yep" I say as we walk towards the living room.

"Well it looks like Alexa and Taylor took one of the couches and the chair... I can just sleep on the floor if you want the other couch." He says as we walk into the living room.

"Why would you do something like that?!? This couch is big enough for both of us... We will just have to sleep like we did last night." I say as we walk over to the couch.

"Are you sure our parents wont care?" He asks.

"If they didnt care last night then why would they care tonight?" I say as I sit down on the couch and motion for him to sit down.

"I guess you're right" He says laying down.

"I know... I'm always right." I say with a laugh as I lay down next to Sidney and fall asleep in his arms.

**8:45 the next morning**
"See I told you they look cute together." I hear Mrs. Lemieux tell someone.

"Ya, this is how they looked yesterday." Mrs. Crosby adds in.

"Aww they do look really cute together, do you think we should wake them up?" My mom says.

"Well, I'm up.. but I might as well just let Sid sleep." I say as I sit up and stretch.

"Sorry that we woke you up Bri, but we just had to show your mom how cute you two looked together." Mrs. Lemieux says.

"It's cool. So whats for breakfast?" I ask.

"Well, I was thinking about having someone make a Panera run.. Do you wanna go?" My mom asks.

"Sure why not... just let me go put some makeup on." I say as I stand up and walk towards the bathroom. Once I go put some makeup on I walk back into the kitchen where my mom, Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Lemieux are sitting.

"So, what all am I getting at Panera?" I ask.

"I was thinking a dozen bagels.. like 6 plain and then 6 more of whatever you want... and get some of their cream cheese." My mom says.

"Alrighty I'll be back in a little bit." I say

"Where are you going." Sidney asks as he wraps his arms around my waist.

"Panera to get breakfast...Do you wanna come?" I ask realizing that he is just wearing his boxers and a t-shirt.

"Um.. I'd love to, but can I change first?" He asks.

"Sure go ahead."

"Alright I'll be ready in like 10 minutes okay?" He asks

"Sure thing.. I'll be waiting right here." I say giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

As soon as he walks out of the room Mrs Lemieux says, "You know you two really do look cute together."

"Aww thanks Nathalie." I say as I start to blush. A few minutes later Sidney walks into the kitchen.

"You ready?" I ask.

"Yep." He replies as he takes my hand.

"Alright we'll be back in a little bit." I say as we start walking down the steps.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 12

I told Sidney that I was goning to go down and see Ryan and Abby and he said that he would just hang out on the pool deck with the parents until I came up.

"RYAN!!" I say as I jump into Ryans arms.

"Geeze Brianna, I just saw you yesterday" Ryan says putting me down.

"Abby! oh my gosh you are the greatest!" I say hugging her.

"I know, I know" She says hugging me back.

"So are you two ready to meet Sidney?!?" I ask in a very excited tone.

"Ya I guess.." Ryan says

"Oh course I am, and Ryan Gregory be nice to him!" Abby says

"Fine I will" Ryan says. As we walk up to the pool I warn Ryan that I will kick his ass if he is mean to Sidney and he promises to be nice. Once we are on the deck, I introduce Abby and Ryan to Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Crosby and it's finally time for Sidney to meet Ryan...

"Sidney this is my cousin Ryan Malone and his girlfriend Abby Meyers, Ryan, Abby this is my boyfriend Sidney Crosby" I say

"Its nice to meet you Sidney" Abby says shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Abby" Sidney replies.
"Its nice to meet you Sid," Ryan says shaking Sids hand.

"Nice to meet you too" Sidney replies. Wow.. that went much better than I had expected it to go...Now that everyone knew each other we all basically just chilled for the rest of the day. Sidney and Ryan talked about the upcoming season with the dads while Abby and I helped the moms get dinner ready. After dinner everyone played kickball and of course they put me and Abby on one team and Sidney and Ryan on the other team, but in the end mine and Abby's team beat the guys 8-4. Once we were done playing kickball Ryan, Abby, Sidney and I went up to the back porch to figure out the plans for the Pirate games.

"Well, I don't own any Pirate stuff so I say that we should go to the mall Tuesday and buy some stuff to wear to the game." Abby says.

"Alright is 1:00 okay for everyone?" I ask. Everyone agrees that 1:00 is a good time to meet at the mall and then we decide that we will all just meet at my house on Wednesday at 10 am and we will meet here on Thursday at 3. After talking about random stuff for about a half hour Ryan and Abby have to go because its like 9:00 and they are meeting some friends at 9:30 so they should probably get going.

"See ya Tuesday" I say to Ryan and Abby as I hug both of them goodbye.

"Okay see ya sweetie, and It was nice meeting you Sidney" Abby says.

"It was nice to meet you too Abby" Sidney replies.

"Ya Sid, it was nice to meet you" Ryan says.

"It was nice to meet you too" Sidney replies shaking Ryans hand. As Sidney and I walk back towards the fire that my dad had started I stop Sidney and I say, "Sidney, I
am so happy that you and Ryan are getting along." I say giving him a big hug.

"I'm glad that we get along too Bri" He says hugging me back. Once we get over to where the fire pit is, Sidney sits down on a chair and then pulls me onto his lap. We talk to our parents about our plans for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and we make some smores. By 11:30 all of the kids are sleeping in my living room and its just Sidney and I, my parents, his parents and the Lemieux's sitting out by the fire when the moms ask us what our plans are for Monday.

"Um..I don't have anything planned til Tuesday." I say.

"Ya.. Same with me." Sidney says.

"Okay good because the kids really want to go to Kennywood and I talked to Mrs. Smith and she said that Kennywood wont be crowded at all on Monday." My mom says.

"Seriously?!? I havent been to Kennywood since May!" I say in an excited tone of voice.

"Ya so we figure that we can meet here at like 10am and then go from there. And it will just be the 12 of us since Lauren and Steph are still going to be in Canada with their cousins." Mrs. Lemieux says. At about midnight my parents ask the Lemieuxs and Crosbys if they just want to stay at my house since they wouldnt get back to the Lemieuxs until 12:45-1:00am ish and they decide to just stay at my house. So the Crosbys are going to be staying in my room, the Lemieuxs will stay in the guest bedroom, Austin and my brother Matt, will just say in his room, Alexa, Taylor, Sidney and I will just sleep in the living room. About 10 minutes later the parents all decide to go to bed and Sidney and I said that we are going to sit out by the fire for a little while longer.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 11

As we are driving down the road I hear my phone going off.

"Sidney, someone just texted me... Can you read it for me?" I say handing him my phone.

"Sure." he says taking my phone out of my hands. "It's from Abby, she wants to know what in the world happened between you and Ryan last night that is making him not want to come over today for the pool party."

"Ugh, can you text her back and say 'he was being a jerk and he was questioning the fact that we are dating' and 'i'll call you later''' I ask.

"Sure thing" He says as he starts to reply to the text.

"okay done." he says a few seconds later putting my phone in the cup holder. A few minutes later my phone starts ringing...

"Thats Mario, can you answer it for me Austin?" I ask handing him the phone since Sidney was busy texting someone on his phone.

"Sure Bri" He says answering. "Hi Dad, whats up?"...Mario responds..."Hang on let me check, Brianna my parents need to stop at Sunoco and they want to know if we will meet them there."

"Sure thing" I reply. "She said thats fine...Okay, see ya in a few seconds" Austin says hanging up the phone and handing it back to me.

"Thanks kiddo" I say putting my phone back in the cup holder.

"Anytime." He replies. A few seconds we pull into Sunoco right behind the Lemieuxs. Mr Crosby gets out to fill up their car and I get out so that I can call Abby back.

"Heyy Brianna what in the world is going on?" Abby asks.

"Well your boyfriend decided that he was gonna flip out on me since Sidney and I are dating and you know me... I'm not gonna take crap from anyone.. especially him so i flipped out and told him that its my decision not his and that he should be happy for me."

"Oh wow.. I don't know whats gotten into him Bri, I'm soo sorry" Abby says

"Its cool, and whats this I hear about him not wanting to come today?" I ask.

"Oh, he said that he wasnt coming cause you two are fighting and he didnt want it to be awkward, but I convinced him to come."

"Okay thanks Abby. I'll see you in like a half hour okay?"

"Ya see ya then" she says hanging up. I walk back over to the car where Sidney is standing.

"Heyy, so is Ryan still mad?"

"Nope.. Abby talked to him and he realizes that I'm not stupid and that I can make my own decisions."

"Okay good" Sidney says giving me a hug.

"Brianna, will you and Sidney sit back here with me?" Austin asks. I look at Mr. Crosby and he just says, "Go ahead sweetie, I'll drive."

"Okay thanks Mr. Crosby" I say. A minute or so later, Sidney and I get back into the car and we are on our way to my house. About 20 minutes later we were at my house

"Well, this is my house." I say as Mr. Crosby pulls into the driveway. As we get out of the car, Austin says hi to my parents and then goes to the pool where my brother and some of his friends are waiting. I grab my bag from the back seat, get out of the car, and take Sidneys hand as we start walking towards my parents. After the Lemieux's say hi, Alexa introduces Taylor to my mom and dad, Mrs. Crosby introduces Mr. Crosby to my parents and its now time for me to introduce Sidney to my parents...

"Mom, Dad. This is my boyfriend Sidney Crosby, Sidney, this is my parents Matt and Michelle."

"Hi Sidney is very nice to meet you." My mom says shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Mrs. Malone." Sidney replies.

"Nice to meet you Sidney." my dad says shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Mr. Smith." Sidney replies.

"I'm going to show Sidney around and put my stuff in my room." I say as we walk towards the back porch.

"Okay hun, I think that we'll see you out by the pool in a little bit." My dad says giving me a hug.

"Alright. See ya in a little while." I say taking Sidney's hand as I take him on a tour of my house. Once I showed him around, we went to my room so that I could put my stuff down.

"d**n, you weren't kidding when you said you liked hockey." Sidney says looking around at all of my Penguins stuff.

"Haha! Ya I told ya so." I say sitting down on my bed.

"Is that you?" Sidney says picking up a picture of Mario holding me when I was a baby.

"Yep. Thats me on my first birthday."

"Wow, so you really have been around the team for a long time." He says sitting down next to me on my bed.

"Yep. I can't wait for Ryan and Abby to meet you, they are gonna love you." I say kissing him.

"I hope that they like me...I mean Ryan and I are going to be teammates this year." Sidney says kissing me back. A few minutes later I hear car doors close and that means only one thing... Ryan and Abby are here!!...

"C'mon Sidney! Ryan and Abby are here!" I say standing up and taking his hand.

"Alright! Alright! I'm coming." He says following me.... All I can think is ''I hope that Ryan at least tries to be nice to Sidney....''

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 10

Just as I start to stand up and go straighten my hair, Sidney pulls me back down so that I am sitting on his lap and he whispers in my ear, "Thanks"

"Why are you thanking me?" I ask

"Just for accepting me for who I am and for actually giving me a chance" He says with a smile.

"Aww Sidney, that is by far the cutest thing that anyone has ever said to me" I say kissing him. Sidney just blushes, and lifts me up so that we are both standing.
After giving me another kiss he says, "Well, I better go so that we can finish getting ready. Don't miss me too much" He says giving me a cheesy smile.

"It's going to be hard, but I'll try not to." I reply giving him a quick kiss. After he leaves to go get ready, I straighten my hair, put some make-up on and I put on my light and navy blue bathingsuit and over top of that I put on my navy blue Hollister shirt and a pair of jean shorts and navy blue flip flops. Once I am dressed, I gather my stuff up and head towards the Lemieux's bedroom because I promised Nathalie and Mrs. Crosby that I would do their make-up for them.

**Lemieux's bedroom**

"Sorry it took so long, but I couldnt get this one part of my hair to straighten" I say walking into the Lemieux's room.

"Thats okay sweetie" Mrs. Lemieux replies.
As I am doing Mrs. Lemieuxs make-up Mrs. Crosby asks, "So Brianna, It seems like you and Sidney are getting along pretty well"

"Ya, Sidney is such a sweetie. Like he makes me feel important and thats the complete opposite of how my last boyfriend made me feel."

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Crosby asks.

"Well... My last boyfriend, Jake, was a hockey player, and all he cared about was hockey. My friends always told me that the only reason that he dated me was for the hockey tickets and so that he could get to know some of the guys in the NHL like Mario, and my cousin Ryan but I never wanted to believe it until he cheated on me with some girl that he met at a party during one of his hockey tournaments. " I say starting to get sad.

"Oh Brianna, I'm sorry... I had no idea..." Mrs. Crosby says as she gives me a hug.

"It's alright. He was a jerk anyway, and I know that Sidney will never do something like that to me" I reply with a smile. After I am done doing Mrs. Lemieux's and Mrs. Crosby's make up I tell that I will see them in a little bit, I pick up my things and I walk out of the room. As I am walking down the hall I hear someone call my name. I turn around to see Sidney sticking his head out of his room.

"Brianna can you come here for a second?" He asks.

"Sure thing. Whats up?" I ask now seeing him in just his navy blue and white bathing suit.

"Um..I don't know what to wear.."

"Seriously? um... well let me see..." I say looking at some of the different shirts that he has hanging in his closet. After a few seconds I find a white Hollister polo that I think he would look good in.

"How about this?" I ask handing him the polo.

"Fine with me." he says taking the polo

"And for shorts..." I say/ask.

"Oh there over there." He points. After looking through that I find a pair of jean shorts.

"Here ya go... these can be for later." I say. I also picked out a dark green hollister hoodie for him incase it got colder later that night.

"Thanks Bri. You're the best" He says and then gives me a kiss.

"I know, what would you do without me?" I ask wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back.

"I dont know...but I don't wanna find that out anytime soon" He says sitting down on his bed and pulling me on to his lap.

"Aww Sid, thats so sweet." I say placing my head on his shoulder.

After sitting like that for a few seconds, Mario yells, "BRIANNA!!, SIDNEY!! LETS GO!!!"

"ALRIGHT MARIO! WE'RE COMING!!" I yell back. As I stand up and pick up my bag, Sidney asks me, "Can I carry your bag for you?"

"Sure Sid, thanks!" I say handing him my bag, then he takes my hand in his and we walk down to the living room where everyone is waiting.

"So who is going with who?" I ask.

"Well I'm taking our car, and the Crosbys are taking theirs, Alexa and Taylor wanna ride together and I figure that you will want to ride with Sidney plus you might need to help with directions, Austin wanted to ride with you and the Crosbys already said that they could take him" Mario says.

"Hey Brianna, you have your drivers license right?" Mr. Crosby asks as we walk out to the car.

"Ya I do, why?"

"Do you wanna drive then?"

"Ya sure!" I say as Mr. Crosby throws the keys to the silver Land Rover me. After everyone puts their stuff in the back, and buckles up, I start the car, and pull out of the driveway. Next stop is my house and I get to introduce my boyfriend to my parents...

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 9

"Brianna Grace Malone!... You need to tell you're parents." Nathalie says in an angrier tone of voice.

"Okay Okay I will..." I say

"Alright then.. Why don't you call them right now and tell them"

"Aww geeze Mrs. Lemieux.. can't I wait until after breakfast?"

"No Brianna. Call them now while its just me and you down here" she says handing me the phone.

"Fine... you win" I say dialing my home phone number

"Hello?" I hear my dad say on the other end.

"Hi dad its me"

"Oh Hi Brianna. Hows it going?"

"Everythings great!... um.. is mom near a phone because I have something to tell you and i wanna tell both of you at the same time"

"Shes in the living room, let me go get her"

"Alright" I reply
a few seconds later..."Hi Brianna. Your dad said that you have something that you want to tell us?" I hear my mom say.

"Ya I do.. um.. So you know how I said that I was never going to date another hockey player and I was going to stay single for a while?"

"Ya" both of my parents say.

"Well... Um... That plan didn't work too well 'cause, I um.. kinda have a boyfriend as of last night"

"Who could you possibly be dating thats a hockey player?" My mom asks.

"Sidney" I reply

"Sidney? You mean Sidney as in Sidney Crosby?!?" My dad says.

"Ya... That would be the Sidney that I am talking about. He asked me out last night." I say.

"But Bri, honey, you havent known him long enough...I mean are you sure that you are ready for another relationship?" My dad asks

"Ya Brianna, are you sure about this" My mom adds in.

"Yes mom and dad. I am very sure. There is just something about him that I really really like. He is such a sweetheart and hes not like other hockey players that I've met. He loves the fact that he is a professional hockey player, but he doesnt brag about it like most guys do" I said

"Well.. What do his parents have to say about this?" My mom asks.

"His parents agreed that as long as we are happy, then they are happy"

"I agree. Brianna your mom and I just dont want you to get hurt like you did before honey." My dad says.

"Don't worry mom and dad, Sidney is different. But I gotta go help Mrs. Lemieux finish getting breakfast ready. I'll see you at 1:30 okay?"

"Ya We'll see you then sweetie" My dad says

"See ya at 1:30" My mom adds

"Bye" I say and then I hang up the phone...

"Well?.." Nathalie asks as I hang up the phone.

"Well... they asked me if I was sure that I was ready for a relationship and I told them that I was, and they also asked me about what Sidneys parents thought and I told them what his mom and dad said last night" I told her

"So they are okay with you and Sidney dating?" she asks

"Yep" I said with a smile as I start getting the fruit out of the fridge. A few seconds after that Sidney, his parents and Mario all walk into the kitchen. Mr. Crosby and Mario sat down at the kitchen table and start to read the sports section. Mrs. Crosby checks on the muffins. And Sidney sneaks up behind me, puts his arms around my waist and kisses me on the cheek.

"Hi sweetie!" He says in a bubbly mood.

"Hey hun!" I reply in the same bubbly mood.

"So... Did you miss me?!?" He asks with a super cheesy grin on his face.

"Oh of course I did" I say in a sarcastic tone of voice and then I give him a quick kiss.

"Good! 'cause I missed you" he says giving me another quick kiss.

"Look at how cute they look together" I hear Mrs. Crosby say to Mrs. Lemieux.

"Well.. I'm gonna go sit down with my dad and Mario and wait to read the sports 'til you come over" Sidney says giving me a hug.

"Aww thanks Sid! I should only be over here for a few more minutes." I say hugging him back. As Sidney walks over and sits down at the kitchen table Austin, Alexa and Taylor all stumble into the kitchen. Alexa asks, "Bri... how long until breakfast is ready? I'm hungry"

"Well.. I'd say about 15 minutes. Why don't you go and Taylor find out what everyone wants to drink?" I reply.

"Alright! We can do that!" Alexa says in an excited tone of voice. A few minutes later I walk over to where Sidney is sitting so that I can read the sports section. He pulls me on his lap and we start reading. After we read the sports section I go over to the oven, take the muffins out and then everyone goes into the dining room. During breakfast Sidney asked his parents if he could come to the Pirate games with me, Ryan, and Abby, and they said that he could go. Once breakfast was over, I helped clean up the dishes and then I got ready to leave for the party at my house. I did Alexa and Taylors hair, and then I went into the room that all of my stuff was in so that I could straighten my hair. As the straightener was heating up I heard someone knock on the door.

"Come In!" I said

"Heyy its me." Sidney says walking into the room

"Hi hun! Whats up?" I say sitting down on the bed as Sidney does the same thing.

"Um.. well.. I'm nervous" he mumbles.

"Nervous? Why are you nervous?" I ask holding his hand

"Well.. I'm meeting your parents and little brother for the first time... And I mean I know that it shouldn't be a big deal since you already met my parents and sister... but I just cant help it.. I'm really nervous" He says holding my hand tight.

"Sidney sweetie, you have nothing to be nervous about, my parents are gonna love you!" I reply giving him a reassuring look.

"You're right Brianna, I'm sorry that I acted so stupid about that."

"Sid, you dont need to be sorry...I understand that you're nervous, but I'll be there with you"

"I know, thanks hun, I'm gonna go finish getting ready." He says standing up and pulling me up into his arms.

"You're welcome Sidney." I say with a smile and then kissing him.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 8

"Okay Sid, whats up" I say in a semi-concerned voice.

"Well... I kinda promised Pat that I would either stay single, or if I got a girlfriend... I wouldn't let the media know because according to him 'if the fans know that I have a girlfriend it could ruin my reputation'... I honestly dont know how thats possible.. but he gets a little crazy about those kinda things" He says,

"Oh geeze you had me worried there for a second... I thought that you were gonna break up with me" I say hugging him

"Break up with you?!? Of course not! Bri, I would never do something that stupid!" He says hugging me back.

"Alright, I've seen this kinda stuff before... Basically we are dating but you are 'single'... I get it... so like we can tell some people, like family and really really close friends and for you.. certain teammates, but we can't let the fans or the media know that you have a girlfriend." I say looking him in those dark brown eyes of his.

"Exactly! wow... you're taking this better than any girl that I have dated ever has... Normally by now, they are ready to break up with me or they get all mad because the whole world doesn't get to know that they are dating me" He says kissing me.

"Well Sidney... I'm not like those other girls... I've been around the NHL my entire life and I know how this stuff works... And trust me I don't care if the fans or the media think that you are single because at the end of the day... You're not dating any of those little puckbunnies... You're dating me" I say kissing him

"Brianna... I'm glad that you are not like any of those other girls, and I am soo happy that you understand" He says pulling me onto his lap.

"Wow... Its like 1:30... we should probably go to sleep.." I say looking at the clock on my phone.
Ya.. You're right Bri... but I don't wanna move.." Sidney whines

"Well...Since were going to be down here... lets finish watching Miracle" I say with a smile.

"Okay Bri" Sidney says kissing me on my cheek. We couldnt have been watching the movie for more than 20 minutes before we were both sleeping....

**Its now 9:45 am**

"Aww Trina come look at these two" I can hear Nathalie say.

"Aww Nathalie, they look soo cute together" Mrs. Crosby replies.

"I hate to disturb them...but if I dont wake them up...Austin will come down and then Bri will be mad at me for letting him do that again" I hear Nathalie say with a quiet laugh

"Too Late! I'm already up" I mumble as I open my eyes and look at Nathalie.

"Sorry that I woke you up sweetie.. but you and Sidney said that you wanted to be up by 9:30 and its 9:45"

"Its cool...I'll wake him up. Mrs. Lemieux can you turn the oven on to 375 degrees for me" I say.

"Sure thing sweetie" Mrs. Lemieux says as Nathalie and Mrs Crosby walk out to the kitchen.

"Sidney, wake up sweetie" I wisper into his ear.

"Huh... just 5 more minutes mom... pleaseee..." He whines.

"Mom... Sidney I dont think that you're mom would do this" I say as I kiss him

"Mmm... Sorry about that Bri.. and you're right... my mom would never do that" He says as he wraps his arms around me.

"haha.. well good morning. did you sleep okay last night?" I ask

"Ya what about you..." He replies

"Ya I slept pretty good" I say kissing him on the cheek "Well I better go start getting breakfast ready" I say standing up and putting my glasses on.

"Thats a good idea... I think that I'm gonna go get a shower...I'll see ya in like a half hour okay? He says standing up and pulling me into his arms.

"Ya thats fine with me" I say

"Don't miss me too much" Sidney says with a laugh as he walks up the stairs.

"Don't worry.. I'll try not to" I say laughing back at him as I walk into the kitchen.

**in the kitchen**

"So you and Sidney huh?" Mrs. Lemieux says

"Yep... Mrs. Lemieux, I've never had this much of a connection with someone so fast in my entire life.. Wait.. Where's Mrs. Crosby?" I ask

"Shes upstairs getting a shower... so ya.. I'm happy for you sweetie. I think that you and Sidney look cute together, and in my opinion he is a major upgrade from that loser ex-boyfriend of yours" She says with a laugh.

"Haha! Thanks Mrs. Lemieux... I need to talk to you about something that happened last night when Ryan called" I say putting the muffins into the oven.

"Okay come sit down and tell me what happened" She says with a concerned look on her face.

"Well.. Ryan called to ask me if I knew who I was taking to the pirate games with us this week and to make a long story short I told him that I was gonna ask Sidney since they are going to be teammates and because I am dating Sidney and he goes... 'how could you possibly like someone after only knowing them for 5 hours' and I told him that its my decision not his, and he should be happy for me...' so basically my cousin is mad at me for no good reason." I say with a sad look on my face.

"Aww sweetie... You know that Ryan was just looking out for you... I mean you're practically his little sister" She says leaning over and giving me a hug.

"I know...I wish that he just would have been more understanding" I say.

"Well... Considering how your last relationship ended..people are naturally going to worry about you..What do your mom and dad have to say about all of this?"

"Um...I havent really told them yet..." I say

"Brianna! You have to tell your parents that you are dating him before we get there" She says in her motherly tone of voice

"I know I know..." I say... all i can think is 'oh boy...i hope that my parents approve of this...'

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 7

**Out in the kitchen**

~Sidneys Point of View~

"Sidney, what are you doing? I thought that you said that you were going to stay single for a while?!? You know that Pat is going to be really mad when he finds out that you have a girlfriend!" My dad says to me. [just so everyone knows.. Pat is the name of Sidneys agent]

"Ya Sid, your dads right... don't you think that you two are rushing things just a little bit..?" Mario asks.

"First of all dad, I know what I'm doing. Brianna and I had an amazing connection right from the moment we met. For once a girl sees me as she put it 'Sidney Crosby from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, not Sidney "the next one" Crosby' and thats important to me. Second of all... I know I said that I was going to stay single for a while, but Bri is an amazing girl and I really like her. And finally dad I don't care if Pat gets mad because I have a girlfriend! Thats my decision not his!" I say as I can feel my face getting red because I am so mad right now. "And Mario, I understand that I haven't known her very long, but there is just something about her that I really like. I mean at first, everyone knows that I was nervous to come here, but after meeting her, I know that as long as she is around, everything is perfect."

"Well son, you know that I just want what's best for you, and if you're happy with her, then thats all that matters" My dad says as he stands up and gives me a hug.

"Your dads right Sidney, I guess that I just worry about her ever since she broke up with her last boyfriend." Mario says as he pats me on the shoulder.

"I understand that you want whats best for me, but I have been able to juggle having a girlfriend and my hockey career before, and I dont think that it will be any different now" I say walking back towards the living room with my dad and Mario.

**Back in the Living Room**

~Brianna's (aka my) POV~

"Oh great... here we go again" I mumble as the guys walk out of the room.

"Bri, what did you say?" Mrs. Lemieux asks in a semi-concerned voice

"Oh.. nothing.. I'm sorry if I've caused trouble because I said yes to Sidney when he asked me out. I really do like him and there is just something about him that I really really like" I say starting to feel like I'm going to cry again.

"Aw Bri, this isnt your fault. Ever since he moved away from home, his father and I have just been very overprotective." Mrs Crosby says as she sits down next to me and gives me a hug.

"Ya Bri, and you know that Mario treats you like you are one of his own children, so you know that he just wants whats best for you" Mrs Lemieux says as she also sits down next to me and gives me a hug.

"I guess you're both right. And Mrs. Crosby, I just want to let you know that I would never do anything to hurt him in any way, shape or form." I say looking her straight in the eyes.

"Thank you Brianna. That really does mean a lot to Sidneys father and I because we love him and we just want whats best for him, and if hes happy then we are happy" She says giving me a smile. Just as Mrs. Crosby says that Mr. Crosby, Mario and Sidney come back into the living room.

"Well... Its been a long day and I think that I'm going to go to bed" Mario says. All of the adults agree and they tell Sidney and I goodnight.

Once I know that they are out of sight, I say to Sidney, "Are your dad and Mario mad that you have a girlfriend?"

"What?.. No hun of course not. They just wanted to make sure that we aren't rushing into things and that I am prepared to tell my agent Pat that I have a girlfriend" He says pulling me onto his lap and gently kissing me on the lips.

"Okay... Just checking because I really do like you, and I am soo happy that I am your girlfriend" I say giving him a quick kiss.

"Well... I was wondering if we could talk about that part.." Sidney says turning me so that he is looking me straight in the eyes.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 6

**Now 12:30am and the Lemieuxs and Crosbys are back**

"Bri, wake up... their back" Sidney whispers into my ear

"Huh?... I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to fall asleep." I say in a drowsy tone of voice

"Its okay... I just heard them pull in"

"Alright... thanks for waking me up" I say kissing him. After out lips part I slide off of his slap so that I am sitting next to him with my head on his shoulder and his left arm is around my shoulders.

"Brianna, Sidney, were back" Mrs Lemieux calls as they walk through the front door and into the living room

"Hi Nathalie, Hi Mario, Hi Mr. and Mrs Crosby" I say in a rather cheerful tone

"Hi Mr and Mrs Lemieux, hey mom and dad" Sidney says as all of the adults walk into the room and sit down on the couches.

"So how was dinner?" I ask to no one in particular
"It was really good. We had a lot of fun. And Mario was right, the fans here are so kind. There were a few people who would ask for autographs but nothing insane like some places in Canada" Mrs. Crosby says

"See Sidney! I told you that the fans here are cool" I say holding his hand.

"So.. how was your night?..I hope the kids were good for you" Mrs. Lemieux asks.

"The kids were really good. After we ate dinner we came in here and watched a movie, then they went up got their showers and went to bed" Sidney tells them

"And it looks like you two are getting along pretty well." Mario says looking at Sidney and I holding hands.

"Ya. He's such a sweetie and hes an amazing boyfriend." I say blushing

"Boyfriend?" Mario and Mr Crosby say at the same time while Mrs Crosby and Mrs Lemieux start laughing at their husbands.

"Um Sidney... can we talk to you in the kitchen for a minute" Mario asks while Mr. Crosby nodds and I just roll my eyes at them and think "here we go again"

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 5

**Lemieux's Living Room**
Sidney and I are sitting on the couch talking when my phone starts going off....
"Sorry Sid, but its Ryan... and he never calls me unless its important... I gotta take this"
"Its cool... go ahead"
As I get up and walk into the kichen I finally answer my phone...
"Hello?" I say in a semi-angry tone
"Heyy.. whats wrong with you?" Ryan asks me
"Nothing Ryan... whats up?"
"So um... did you figure out who you are taking to the Pirate games this week?"
"Oh crap! I forgot about that.... I don't know yet...I think I might ask Sid"
"Sid who?..."
"Sidney Crosby of course... He is my boyfriend after all"
" Oh okay...Wait a minute... you've known him for how long? 5 hours and he's already your boyfriend?!? What is wrong with you?!? You dont even know him that well and you're dating him!"
"Ya Ryan I am dating him! He is a great guy and who cares if I have only known him for 5 hours?!? Its my decision not yours!... geeze Ryan I thought that you of all people would be happy for me but I guess not!.." After that there is a few second pause followed by me saying, "I have to go... Sidney is in the living room waiting" I say slaming my phone shut as I feel the tears coming.... "Why cant he be happy for me?" I think to myself as the tears start rolling down my face. After wiping the tears way I walk back into the living room. Sidney is sitting there with a concerned look on his face...
"Heyy... what was that all about?" He asks as I sit down the couch and he puts his arm around me.
"My cousin Ryan was being a jerk... He was like 'how could you possibly like someone after only knowing them for 5 hours' and I told him that its my decision not his, and he should be happy for me... I'm soo sorry that you had to hear that Sid" I say as I start to cry again
"Hey dont cry hun." He says pulling me onto his lap and wrapping his arms around me. "Bri, I wouldnt have asked you to be my girlfriend if I didnt like you, and if you didnt feel the same way then you wouldnt have said yes. I know that you are close with your cousin and all, but who cares... if we are happy then thats all that matters"
"You're right Sidney... It's just that Ryan is like a brother to me" I say resting my head on his shoulder...
"Hey Bri?"
"Ya Sidney?" I say looking up into those big brown eyes of his
"You do wanna be my girlfriend right?"
"Of course I do!.... Ryan is just being overprotective like he always is since I just had a bad breakup last month..."
"Oh...I understand...If you dont mind telling me... what happened?"
"Ya... See I was dating this kid for a year. He plays hockey for a travel team and at one of the out-of-state tournaments he was at... he went to a party and hooked up with a girl...and the worst part was he just acted like nothing ever happened and I had to find out by looking at his myspace and it had pics of him from that tournament making out with some chick"
"Oh Bri... I'm so sorry." Sidney says hugging me
"Its okay... I was stupid for ever dating him...We were friends and I knew that he made out with other girls when he was out of town...but I did like him, and when he asked me out I said yes... Things were great at first and then that after we broke up I told Ryan that I was never dating another hockey player ever again... so thats why he was being so judgemental..."
"Wait... you said that you were never dating another hockey player ever again...if thats true...then why did you say that you would be my girlfriend?.." He asks with a sad/concerned look on his face
"Because Sidney, I don't see you as 'Sidney "the next one" Crosby, I see you as 'Sidney Crosby from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia' who is sweet and an amazing person who just happens to play hockey" I say kissing him on the cheek.
"Ok. Now that makes a little more sense..." After a few second pause, Sidney says, "Sorry for changing the subject... but why did Ryan call you anyway?"
"Oh... um we have tickets to the Pirate games on Wednesday and Thursday, and he wanted to know who I was taking and I said that I was going to ask you if you wanted to come with us, and thats when the whole fight started.... So.. Wednesdays game is at 12:35 and Thursdays game starts at 7:05... neither one are on tv so you wouldnt have to worry about that part... do you wanna come with me?" I say giving him the"puppy dog pout"
"Bri, I would love to, but I have to check with my parents first..." He says giving me a quick kiss.
"Good because I really want Ryan to meet you... I mean you two are going to be teammates after all."
"Ya, I definatly wanna go... I mean I dont think I have anything going on Wednesday and I know that I have some rookie lunch thing Thursday... but Mario said that will be over by 3." After he says that... we start watching Miracle and about 45 minutes into the movie I fell asleep in his arms with my head on his shoulder...

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 4

Nothing good happens while I am at the store with Austin... so there is no need to bore you with all of that. lol
As I told Mario... Austin and I were back from the store in a half hour. When Austin and I walk through the front door. I am greeted by a happy Sidney Crosby. "Bri do you need help carring anything?" "nope... we got everything... but thanks for asking Sid" I say smiling and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Austin can you and Sid put this stuff away? I promised your mom and Mrs. Crosby that I would do their make-up for them" I say putting the bags on the kitchen table. "Sure Bri, no problem" Austin says putting the eggs in the fridge. "Thanks you two!" I say as I start runnning up the stairs.
**Lemieux's bedroom**
"I'm back!" I say as I walk into the Lemieux's bedroom."Hi Bri!" Both Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Lemieux say. As I am finishing up doing Mrs. Crosbys make-up, Mrs. Lemieux asks, "So Miss Brianna... what do you think of Sidney?""Sid? He seems kinda quiet... but hes really nice.""Well.... Don't worry Sidney is always shy around cute girls like you" Mrs. Crosby says as I am putting on her eyeliner."Aww thank you so much Mrs. Crosby." I say handing her a mirror as I feel my cheeks getting red."Oh Bri, I love it thank you so much!" She says giving me a hug. Just then, Alexa and Taylor come in and ask their moms if they are ready to go yet. Mrs. Lemieux tells the girls to go tell their dads that they will be down in a few mintues. Once the girls leave, Mrs Crosby and Mrs Lemieux thank me again and they tell me that they should be back by 12:30.
**At the Lemieux's front door.**
"Okay kids, be good for Bri and Sid. know where everything is around here.. the pizza should be here in like 5 minutes and the money is in the kitchen" Nathalie says as she hugs Austin and Alexa goodbye. "Alright. Don't worry Nathalie... everything will be fine" "I know... I know... Can you just make sure that they are in bed by 10:30 so that they are ready to go for tomorrow?""Of course... and do you care if i make the batter for the muffins tonight so that I dont have to worry about it in the morning""Ya thats fine with me." Nathalie says hugging me goodbye"Okay thanks! I'll see ya later! Have fun""Thanks and we will!" Mrs. Lemieux says walking towards the car.As I close the door I realize that it is just Sidney and I standing there... I'm guessing that the kids were already getting their drinks for dinner from downstairs. "So...Can I help you make the batter for the muffins" He says reaching for my right hand. "Of course you can." I say holding his left hand as we walk towards the kitchen to get the money for the pizza. As we are like 5 steps away from the kitchen table Sidney stops and turns me so that we are face to face."Bri I..." before Sidney can finish whatever he was going to say the doorbell rings."Sorry Sidney... what did you want to say?..." I ask.. looking back into those big brown eyes."It's okay... um...I was just going to ask you what you wanted to drink" He says in a sad tone. "Waters fine" I say realizing that he wanted to say something else. After I grab the money off of the table, I go answer the door. I pay the pizza guy, close the door behind me and walk into the kitchen with 2 pizza boxes. "Okay... Who wants what?" I ask opening one box with a pepperoni pizza in it and the other one with a white pizza."Pepperoni" Austin says"White pizza!" Alexa says"Same as Lex" Taylor says. After I get the kids the pizza. I ask Sidney what he wants and he says that pepperoni is fine with him. Once dinner is done, the kids go into the living room to decide on a movie while Sidney and I clean stuff up in the kitchen."So... What did you really want to say before... because I could tell by the tone of your voice that you didnt want to ask me what I wanted to drink with dinner." I say"I...Um... I forget" He says while looking down at his feet.."hey...are you mad at me or something?" I ask in a concerned voice."no... of course not... why would you think that?" He says now looking me straight in the eyes."I dont know... I mean you have been acting weird since the pizza came...""I'm sorry Bri" He says holding me in his arms."Good" I say holding on to him. As we part, he takes my hand and walks me into the living room."So... did you three decide on a movie yet?" I ask"Ya. We picked the first Mighty Ducks movie." Austin says"Sounds good to me" I say sitting down on the couch next to Sidney. Austin, Taylor and Alexa sat on the floor on the beanbag chairs. As the movie started, Sidney put his right arm around me, and I rested my head on his shoulder. During the movie Sidney and I talked about the upcoming season and other hockey stuff. Once the movie was over (at around 9:30), Austin, Alexa and Taylor went upstairs to take their showers and get ready for bed. "Bri, after we get done with our showers, will you braid mine and Taylors hair for tomorrow?" Alexa says"Sure sweetie, I"ll be up in about 20 minutes" I say back.. Sidney and I just sat on the couch and talked about how excited we were for the hockey season to start. Once the girls got done with their showers I went up so that I could braid their hair. Sidney decided to come with me, only he was going to go talk to Austin while I did the girls hair and then he said that he would tuck him in for me. **Alexa's Room**As I am finishing braiding Alexas hair Taylor asks, "Bri, do you have a crush on my brother? because I can tell that he has a crush on you""Honestly Tay, the more time I spend with him, the more I like him. So ya... I do have a crush on him""Good because I think that you two would look cute together""Aww thanks hun." I say handing Alexa a mirror and then I give Taylor a hug. As I telling the girls goodnight, Sidney knocks on the door."Hey Bri, Austin said that he wants to tell you good night""Okay thanks... Good night girlies! I'll see you in the morning""Good night Bri." they both say as i hug both of them."Sid, after I tell Austin goodnight, I'm gonna go put my pajamas on... So i'll see you downstairs in like 10 minutes okay?" "Ya, once I say goodnight I'm gonna do the same thing... so ya 10 minutes it is" He says giving me a hug.**Austins Room**"Alright Austin... Spill it.. what did Sidney tell you?" I say closing the door and going over to sit on his bed."What are you talking about?... just because Sidney was in here doesnt mean that I know something..." He says letting me know that he knows something and he isnt supposed to tell me."C'mon Austin... what did he say?""Fine... he said that he really likes you and he wanted to know if I thought you would say yes if he asked you out.""WELL!... what did you say?!?""I told him that I know for a fact that you like him too and that you would say yes if he asked you out.""Aww Austin! You're the greatest!" I squeel giving him a giant hug."I know... I try""Okay hun, its like 10:25 you should probably get to sleep... you have a big day tomorrow and I dont want you to be tired""Alright Bri, goodnight!""Night Austin! and thanks again" I say tucking him in. After I tuck him in I grab my bag and take it with me to Steph's room. Once I am done changing into my pj's I head downstairs to the kitchen to meet up with Sidney
Since I got to the kitchen before Sidney did, I started getting all of the indredients that I would need to make the muffins. Once all of that stuff is out I decided to text Abby and let her know how things are going.
OMG! sidney is such a sweetie.
I already no 4 a fact that he likes
me & the best part is that i like him too
btw... austin said sid told him that he <3'd>
outfit i was wearing! so thanks! ur da bestest!
well i'm gonna go cuz i hear him walking
down the steps... dont worry bout txting backi'll ttyl
"Heyy... Sorry it took so long... I couldnt find the box that had my t-shirts in it.""Its cool.... So should we make the batter?" I ask"Ya sounds good to me." He says sitting down "Bri?" he says picking me up and putting me on his lap"Ya Sidney?" I say looking into those big brown eyes of his"I finally remembered what I wanted to ask you before...""Great. what did you wanna ask me?""Well... Ever since I saw that picture of you and Austin and he started telling me all about you I knew that I was going to like you. What I didnt know was that I was going to fall for you so fast.""Aww Sidney. Thats so sweet"" I was just wondering.... if you would please be my girlfriend?""Oh Sidney of couse I will!" I said kissing him. Once our lips part, we make the muffin batter, clean everything up and then we head into the living room holding hands.... The entire time I think to myself "I could get used to this"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 3

As Austin and I walk into the house, I am greeted by Alexa and Taylor. "Bri! I missed you!" Alexa says as she gives me a hug "Awe Lex I missed you too!" I say hugging her back "Bri! This is my new best friend Taylor Crosby, Taylor this is our babysitter Brianna Malone" Alexa says "Well Taylor it's very nice to meet you." I say to Taylor "Its nice to meet you too! I've heard a lot about you." Taylor says giving me a hug "Brianna, can you come here for a second?" I hear Mario say from the kitchen "Ya, I'll be right there" I call back to the kitchen. "hey Austin, can you take my bag up to your room or something so that it is out of the way" "ya sure Bri, I'll take it to my room since Mr. and Mrs. Crosby are staying in the room that you are usually in" "okay Austin. sounds good to me" I say as I head towards the kitchen. Once I get into the kitchen I see Mario sitting at the island across from Sidney and his dad. "Bri... there you are." Mario says and that makes Sidney and his dad turn around. "Hi Mario!" I say giving him a hug "Bri, this is Mr. Crosby and that is Sidney, Troy, Sidney, this is Brianna Malone." "Nice to meet you" Mr. Crosby says while shaking my hand "Nice to meet you too" I say with a smile "And its nice to meet you too Sidney" I say shaking his hand and giving him a flirty smile at the same time. "Nice to meet you to Bri" He says smiling back at me the same way."So, Brianna, Mario said that you have been around the team your entire life?" Sidney asks"Yep, my uncle is Greg Malone and my cousin is Ryan Malone. I've been going to games since I was like 2 weeks old." I said"Wow... thats a long time" Mr. Crosby says"Ya, but I still love going to the arena. I don't know what it is... but win or lose, the Igloo is always soo much fun." "You should have seen her during the lockout." Mario says"Ya I would e-mail or call Mario like everyday and tell him that I needed the lockout to end because I missed going to the Igloo""Aww... What did you do without the Penguins last year?" Sidney asks"Well... lets just say that I used up all of my frequent flyer miles that I have from over the years on flights that went from Pittsbugh Wilkes-Barre Scranton""Haha! Yep, Bri literally flew from Pittsbugh to WBS on Fridays after school and came back late on Sundays so that she could see some hockey, and during every break from school, she went down there to watch the Baby Pens" Mario says with a laugh"MARIO!!! YOU DO REALIZE THAT WE ARE LEAVING FOR DINNER IN LIKE 45 MINUTES RIGHT?!?" Nathalie yells from upstairs."Okay... We're coming" Mario yells back... "Well Troy, I guess we should go get ready before they get mad, Bri, what time do you think you will be back from the store by?""um... i can be back in a half hour if we leave like right now.." "Austin!!! Lets go! We need to be back in a half hour!" I yell up the stairs"Coming"Mario and Mr. Crosby were already upstairs getting ready so it was just Sidney and I sitting in the kitchen. "So... I have to take him shopping for tomorrow... I would love to take you with me... but now that everyone knows that youre here... I dont want you to get swarmed by the fans like Fleury did." I said giving him a sad look. "Its cool... I still have some unpacking to do anyway, and what happened to Fleury when he first came here?""Well... I took him to the grocery store with me and he got swarmed by fans, and then rumors started flying that he was cheating on his girlfriend Vero with me, and all of that crap""Wow... In that case.... have fun" He says with a laugh."Haha. I will. I'll see you when I get back." I say standing up and I start to walk towards the front door where I see Austin putting on his shoes."Bri. Wait up." Sid calls chasing after me. "Whats up Sid..." I say has he is standing right in front of me."I didnt get to say 'see ya later' before you walked out of the room" He says giving me a big hug."Aww. Sorry Sid. My bad" I say. As we finally split apart I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and I walk out to the car where Austin is waiting.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 2

thank goodness you came back early from Minnesota!" I say as i give Abby a giant hug "haha! i guess that it is a good thing i did come back early considering how nervous you sounded on the phone!" "well i need your help big time and you know it" i say as we walk to my room "Bri, you know that you would look hott if you wore what you are wearing right now or if you were dressed up" "aww thanks abby. now what should i wear to meet him.. and dont forget... his parents are going to be there so i want to make a good first impression" "I would say a cute pair of jean capris and that light blue Hollister polo that I got you for your birthday" "and for pajamas?" i ask "wear the cute Penguins ones that the Lemieux's got you for your birthday" "okay sounds good to me...and what should I wear to come back to my house tomorrow for the pool party?" "I would say wear your cute light and navy blue bathingsuit and over top of that wear your navy blue Hollister shirt and a pair of jean shorts and your navy blue flip flops" "Abby, youre the greatest! thank you soo much! I love everything that you picked out" "Aww thanks! and youre welcome! now... hair and make-up.." "well your the expert... what do you think i should do?""I was thinking that I could straighten your hair, and then for make-up.. I was thinking some navy blue eyeliner with some light blue eyeshadow and then the usual for the rest of your make-up" "okay sounds great to me" By the time Abby is done drying and straightening my hair and doing my make-up its about 2:15 so we decide to eat some lunch. After lunch Ryan stops over and we hang out with him til around 4:30ish when he has to go meet up with some of his friends and Abby needs to help me finish getting ready. Once I get changed into my Hollister polo and jean capris Abby gives me a hug and says that she should get going since she has to meet Ryan and some of their friends for dinner at 6. ~5:00pm~ "Right on time" I say to myself as Nathalie pulls into my driveway. Nathalie, my mom and Mrs Crosby all come upstairs with a bunch of bags and while my mom is putting stuff away, Nathalie intoduces me to Mrs Crosby. "Bri, this is Mrs Crosby. Trina this is Brianna Malone" "Nice to meet you Mrs Crosby." "Nice to meet you too Brianna" After talking to my mom, Mrs Crosby and Mrs Lemieux for about 20 minutes Nathalie says that we better get going because Austin keeps texting her and asking when we are going to be back at his house. ~in the Lemieux's car~ While on the way back to the Lemieux's house, I told Mrs Crosby about how i am 17 years old and we talked about how I have been around the Penguins my entire life and that Sidney is going to love it here. "So Brianna, youre 17 right?" Mrs Crosby asks me "yes. I will be 18 in february""okay so you're about 6 months younger than sidney""ya so that means that his birthday was this month right?" I already knew that his birthday was August 7th but I didnt want to seem like a stalker or anything right in front of his mom.We kept talking and Nathalie asked me if I would be able to take Austin grocery shopping since I promised him that I would make him my famous "Bri Breakfast" the next time I babysat. (The breakfast pretty much includes homemade blueberry muffins, homemade chocolate chip muffins, fruit salad, eggs, bacon and what ever drink they feel like having) "I would love to take him shopping" I said in a happy tone when in reality I completly forgot that I was promised him that.... good thing I know those recepies by heart."Okay thank you soo much sweetie... I was going to just get the ingredients when I went shopping last night, but he insisted that you should take him because he said 'she knows what to get and you dont'""haha! he is so funny! im sure that you would have been able to get everything, but its not a big deal, I dont mind"As we pull into the Lemieux's long driveway I see Austin jumping up and down and yelling my name. "Bri! Bri! Bri!" Austin yells as I am getting out of the car. He runs over and gives me a giant hug"Austin! I missed you so much! how have you been kido?" "I've been good. I missed you more, but guess what?!?""What?" "I know something you dont know!""Oh really now what is that?" I say... honestly i am a little worried to hear what he is going to say"I know someone who thinks you're hott! but I dont how he would know that your hott since hes never met you, and you dont look like you have a fever to me""Haha! Austin, first of all who are you talking about and second of all hott is just another word for cute""oh... well im not supposed to tell you so dont say a word to him, but Sid saw a pic of you and me from Seven Springs last year and I heard him tell his dad that he thinks youre hott""oh geeze... dont worry your secret is safe with me!... now lets go inside so I can meet everyone""okay Bri! I cant wait to see the look on Sidneys face when he meets you"

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 1

okay so here is some background info on me (all of the following info is made up)...My name is Brianna (my friends and family all call me Bri for short) I am 5'6 and i weigh about 126 pounds. I am 17 years old and I am going to be a senior this year in high school. I have hazel eyes and brown hair. My cousin is Ryan Malone (as in Pittsburgh Penguin Ryan Malone) and lets just say that I have been around the pens my entire life. Mario Lemieux is like an uncle to me so from time to time I might call him uncle mario. The year is 2005 its a Friday in mid August and i am getting woke up by the sound of my cell phone ringing...."Hello?".. i say very drowsy."Hi Bri! Its Nathalie""Oh Nathalie! Whats up?""Well sweetie, I was just wondering if you would be able to babysit tonight since Mario and I are going to be taking the Crosbys out to dinner, and dont worry Lauren and Steph are going to be at a friends house, Austin already is coming up with what movies you are going to be watching, Alexa and Taylor will be hanging out and Sidney will be here so it will be a chance for you two to get to know each other and by the way.. Austin showed him a picture of you and Sidney said that you were really really cute""Sure what time do you need me to be there... wait a minute! Sidney Crosby said that I was cute?""yes he did and he cant wait to meet you. and well... actually Mrs Crosby and I are going shopping with your mom in like a half hour so that we can get some stuff for your party tomorrow, so I will just pick you up after that. How does 5ish sound to you""Ya thats fine""okay sweetie! i will see you then!""ok sounds great! see ya later! bye"oh great! I completly forgot about tomorrow! what am i going to do?~10 minutes later~"Abby get your butt over here right now!" I yell into the phone at my cousin Ryans girlfriend Abby."Why??!!?? whats wrong? is everything okay""NO!!! I have a major problem!""okay calm down and tell me whats wrong""okay... so I have to babysit for the Lemieux's tonight""alright... you've been babysitting them for years... whats the big deal""Well... Sidney Crosby is going to be there and I am really nervous to meet him!""Oh my gosh! mark this day on the calendar! Brianna Malone is nervous about meeting a hockey player""well this isnt just any hockey player this is Sidney Crosby that we are talking about here! and plus he is close to my age and I already know that he thinks im cute!""Aww thats soo cute! well what do you need my help for""I need you to come over here ASAP so that you can help me pick out what I am going to wear b/c I dont want to look like an idiot infront of him""okay dont worry i will be there in like 20 minutes""okay that sounds great!" thank you soo much Abby! what would i do without you""youre welcome! and you would be a disaster without me!""oh thanks well i'll see you in like 20 minutes""okay see ya then"Since I have a decent amount of time til she gets here, I decide to go get a shower... It is noon after all....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chapter 13 - Wait for You

I just stared at him. I must have had the most peculiar expression on my face because he just kissed me on the forehead and said, “I’m not propositioning anything. I would enjoy your company.”

He had charm. But, I wasn’t for sure if staying with him was the right thing to do.

“Sidney, I…I…”

“Katie, I was just hoping to spend a little more time with you before we leave in the morning.”

I looked at him and smiled. “Ok.”

He smiled back. “Great.”

“If it’s ok with you, I think I’ll bring my stuff so I don’t have to come back up here in the morning. No offense, but I would hate to run into someone and try to explain myself.”

“That’s quite alright. You do what you need to. Do you need me to take anything for you?”

“No, thanks. I can handle it. I’ll be down in 30 minutes or so, ok?”

“Ok. I’ll see you at 217 in 30 minutes.”

He kissed me on the forehead again before heading out the door.

I jumped in the shower and put my most conservative pajamas on. I had never done this before. Part of me was wondering why I was letting my guard down, and then I thought about what Jen and I had talked about. Sharing a bed with someone didn’t constitute being a letdown. It didn’t mean I was a tramp.

I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face and dried my hair before packing everything up. I put my clothes and everything I would need in the morning on top in my bag, packed up my computer, threw on a sweatshirt and my flip-flops before heading down to the second floor.

Two minutes later I was knocking on his door. He opened it with a towel in hand and looking exceptionally gorgeous in a white t-shirt and black mesh shorts. I wonder if he knew how sheer that t-shirt was or how amazing his legs were. There was a rock in front of me – his hard, chiseled body stood out so much, and it made me ache. I’d been around athletes – male athletes at that – but I’d never put so much stock into someone’s body as I did this one.

He’d just gotten out of the shower as well, as evident by the towel and his wet locks.

“Hi,” I said ever so quietly and smiling.

“Hi, come on in.”

He took my bag and put in on a luggage rack, and I walked in the room and was in awe. He was on the end in probably the nicest room in the whole place. We were in the sitting area and to the left giant dark wooden doors opened to the bathroom and bedroom. Just off the sitting area was a balcony with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline. I put my computer bag down and went to the balcony, opened the door and stood outside and admired the view.

“This is gorgeous!” I yelled back to him. He had ducked back into the bathroom and emerged vigorously brushing his teeth. He just smiled and disappeared again. I turned back to the view and saw a few places we had visited earlier in the day.

I didn’t hear him come out of the bathroom or hear him sneak up behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, causing my body to loosen up immediately. He didn’t say a word; he just rested his head next to mine. I allowed my arms to wrap around his, and we stood there for what seemed like an eternity just holding each other.

I just sighed because I for once, felt comfortable. I didn’t feel like I had to get mad at myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t feel like I was compromising my beliefs. I didn’t feel pressured to do something I didn’t want to. I just felt his warmth next to mine, and I was melting.

He excited me, and then it hit me how to really knock his socks off. He’d been the one doing all the surprising; now it was my turn to get in on the game. I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom and stood face-to-face with him at the edge of the bed. I thought back to the text message I had sent him nights earlier and now I never got to act on it.

Then I just reached up and started to lift his shirt over his head. I could see it in his eyes – the surprise and curiosity of what I was doing. When it was off and on the floor I took my hands and ran them down his chest, palm side down before pushing him to the bed. He was so amazingly gorgeous and hot. I didn’t know how long I could hold out. His eyes said it all, and I was gave him a grin, straddled him and whispered in his ear, “This is more like what I had in mind the other night.”

He moaned as I started with his neck and worked my way down to his shoulder, leaving a trail of light kisses along the way. His hands wrapped around my back and moved up and down trying desperately to get my sweatshirt off. He succeeded moments later, but before I let him get further, I really wanted to change his thoughts about my anxiety. I continued kissing him, but this time I found his chest. It was so smooth and rock hard. He was a well-built machine that I’m sure was pretty well-oiled, too. I put butterfly kisses along the top and looked up at him before I started leaving a trail all the way down to his belly button.

As I got lower, his breathing picked up. I took my hands and just ran them around his sides and up again. When I kissed him right where his appendix was, he took his hands put them in my hair and said, “Katie, baby, please let me have you.”

I just lifted my head, looked back up at him and gave him my own devilish grin. He wasn’t the only would that could push buttons. I was going lower, probably not as low as he wanted, but low enough he knew it’d be a huge step for me. I let me tongue find the trail along his waistband and as if he hadn’t been hard since I kissed him the first time, he was now. It was definitely easy to notice in the shorts he was wearing. I started back up only to have him wrap his arms underneath me and spin me so he was on top now. Not exactly what I had planned, but I was interested to see how he responded.

He pushed me up so he could put his entire body on top of me and leaned down to whisper harshly, “You feel that, Katie? You feel how hard I get for you? Do you know I had to get myself off before you got here because that’s what you do to me?”

He pushed his hips into mine and it made me moan to feel him beneath me. I just looked back up at him and responded, “Why don’t you tell me what you want to do me, and we’ll see about compromising, ok?”

He just smiled. “Well, the one thing I want right now is to be inside you, but since that’s not going to happen, let’s see if I can get you off by telling you in rather explicit detail what I’m going to do to you one day.”

“Bring it,” I said so sultry, hoping it would aid him.

He leaned down and whispered, “I want to make love too you, Katie. I want to make love to you in the bed, on the chair, on the balcony and on the couch.” Wow. This was a side of Sidney Crosby I never thought I’d see. Jen wasn’t kidding when she said he had a dark side.

“I want to make you scream my name. I want to make you beg for me. I want to satisfy you on every level.” He kept going, and I just closed my eyes. The emotion running through me was unexplainable. A few minutes later I was over the top.

“Sidney! Please!”

“No, baby. Not tonight. Tonight, I get to hold you. Be patient. We’ll have our day.”

I was breathing so heavy, and I had never felt anything like this before. He kissed me on the nose and looked at me and said, “I’ll be back. I’ve got a little problem to take care of.” And with that, he jumped up and left the room. I just laid there thinking what have I done? Then, I smiled. I had done something I never thought I would, and it felt great. We connected so well on a physical level, and that was evident. The bigger question that remained was whether or not we connected on an emotional level.

I was still laying there when he came back in the room.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d take your clothes off and have my way with you.”

I sat up. He was still shirtless; his face flushed and his lips full. “If you had asked that five minutes ago, you would have probably gotten your way.”

He came and sat down next to me and took my hands in his. Looking me in the eyes, he said, “Katie, I’m physically attracted to you. I think you’re gorgeous. And, what you did tonight took so much courage. I’m amazed by you. And, it felt so good. I wasn’t lying about what I want to do to you, but that’s just a small aspect of the good things that can happen in this relationship.”

He said that word. Relationship. Is that where we were heading? I didn’t have a problem with that, but we’d met less than a week ago.

“Sidney, I can’t make promises because I don’t know what the summer holds, but just know I really will try to stay in touch. It may take a couple of days for me to get back to you, but I’ll try.”

He kissed me on the forehead. “I know you will. I can’t promise that I’ll be patient, but I’ll try. Now, what’s with this?” He was pointing at my pajamas.


“Uh huh. You found the most conservative soft clothes you had. You were hoping that you could hide or keep me from noticing.”

“I’m a conservative person!”

“You might be, but I don’t think this is your style at all. I challenge you to change into one of my t-shirts right here in front of me.”

Another hurdle. He was good. Conservative Kate would refuse. Recent college graduate Kate – well, she looked up at him and said, “I’ll do it.” Then I bit my lip. I forgot I was wearing black underwear. Black Victoria Secret definitely not your grandmother’s type of underwear. No turning back now. He went to the dresser and pulled out a t-shirt, sat down on the bed and motioned at me. If he couldn’t have sex with me; he was certainly going to enjoy all he could. I was going to make it worth his while. The shirt came off first followed by the pants. Then, I just stood there with my hands on my hips.

His eyes spoke volumes. “Wow. Amazing. Can I touch?”

“Only if you’ll be good.”

I got my answer when he reached out and ran his hands down my sides and across my stomach. “So smooth. So gorgeous. I gotta stop. Put this on before I have another problem.”

I took the t-shirt and put it on.

“Much better. You don’t look so innocent now.”

I just smiled at him. Somehow we ended up talking about our lives. We talked until we could hardly stay awake. We both had early mornings. I had never shared a bed with someone, but the minute his arms wrapped around my waist, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem sleeping. I was content, safe and little did he know completely unsatisfied. I wanted him. I wanted everything he wanted, but the timing just wasn’t right.