Friday, June 20, 2008

The Girl Next Door--Epilogue

Sure enough, Kate went home a couple of days later, and the rest of her summer went well. She kept working at the rink, and Sidney came down to visit, and then helped Kate and her parents move into Kate’s dorm at Pitt at the end of August. Her roommate was a bit shocked to see Sidney Crosby standing in her room (Kate hadn’t told her roommate, Anna, who she was dating), but she got over her star-struck episode quickly, and she and Kate became best friends. Kate’s freshman year went well, and Sidney’s sophomore season in the NHL was unforgettable, as he led the Penguins to the playoffs, as well as winning the Art Ross, Pearson, and Hart trophies. As he negotiated a contract extension that summer, he negotiated with Kate in mind, knowing she wanted to stay in Pittsburgh.
Kate was at the game when Sidney sprained his ankle. It had scared the shit out of her to see him go down and limp towards the runway like he did. She ran to the dressing room as he was pretty much carried down the runway. As she reached the dressing room, she was stopped and told to wait outside. As she waited outside for what seemed to be forever, she got call after call, everyone asking about Sid. “I know nothing,” she told everyone; it killed her that she didn’t know what was wrong. Finally, the team doctor came out and told her he thought it was a high ankle sprain, but they would have to do more tests in the morning. Kate got Sidney to his car, and drove him home. After the press conference he held saying he would be out for about six to eight weeks, Sidney was pretty upset for a few days, and that Friday night he got into a big fight with Kate; it began out of his frustration with being injured and ended with Kate yelling “Screw you!” and slamming the door. After not talking for almost two days (which Kate had spent crying her eyes out, and Sidney had spent moping around the Lemieuxs, not speaking to anyone), Sidney went to Kate’s and apologized for being an asshole, and she apologized for overreacting. It was their biggest argument to date (they had had a few small ones, like any normal couple), but after apologizing, their relationship was even stronger than before, and during his injury, they spent more time together than ever before, because he wasn’t traveling. As much as Kate liked going to and watching games with Sid, it was weird. It was nice to spend so much time together, but Kate wanted him back out there, because she saw how it killed him to not be playing.
Kate went to every single playoff game during the epic 2008 playoffs. She missed some school, but since she still managed to get all A’s (much to her own surprise), her parents didn’t mind. She was there to comfort him when they lost Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, even though she was a mess. She knew it would be the last time the team would play together; the team that had pretty much been a second family to her for so long wouldn’t be back next year. Sidney didn’t want to talk about it, so for a couple days, all Kate did was sit with him, hold his hand, and try to take his mind off of it. Not many words were said for a few days (Kate didn’t know what to say, and neither did Sid), but soon Sidney was chatty again and Kate knew he was okay.
Kate graduated from Pitt a semester early, in December 2009, and right before Christmas, she moved into the house Sidney had bought a few months before; he and Kate had picked it out together. A month and a half after her graduation, she headed to Vancouver with Sidney to watch him play in the Olympics, and watched him lead Team Canada to a medal. In March, she got a job working for, writing press releases, as well as editing and writing stories. It was a job that allowed her to work from home, be flexible, and write while she followed Sidney wherever he was, and her articles received a lot of feedback from readers. That June, Kate watched with her parents, Neal and Allison (who were married two years before), the Lemieuxs, and the Crosbys in Mellon Arena as Sidney led the Penguins to their first Stanley Cup in nineteen years. Kate and the Crosbys greeted Sidney as he left the ice with his team, and Sidney ran over to Kate and lifted her off her feet in celebration. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he swung her around before he gave her a huge kiss. Kate had never been happier; she and the others partied with the team (which still included the core group from Sidney’s first few seasons in the NHL) until dawn, when she and Sidney drunkenly rolled into bed.
“I love you,” Sidney whispered in her ear as they pulled the sheets over themselves.
“I love you too,” Kate replied, giving him a kiss.
“Marry me, Katie,” he whispered.
Kate couldn’t respond; this had totally caught her off-guard. “We’re drunk,” she replied after she got over the shock. “If you’re serious, ask me when we wake up.”
Kate woke up a few hours later to Sidney brushing the hair off her face, and a slight headache as well.
“Hey,” he gently said as he gave her a kiss.
“Hey,” Kate replied.
A minute later, Sidney asked, “Do you remember last night?”
“Oh yeah, the whole you winning the Stanley Cup thing?”
“After that.”
“Getting drunk?” Kate asked, toying with him, knowing exactly what he meant.
“You smartass. What I said to you when we got into bed.”
“I remember,” Kate whispered.
“I was, well I am, serious. Kate, I love you. I’ve loved you since the minute I saw you.” He sat up and opened the drawer in his nightstand, and grabbed something. Kate sat up too; she knew what was coming.
“I can’t imagine my life without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Kate, I’m serious. Will you marry me?” He flipped open the small jewelry box to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring.
“Yes!” Kate responded to the question she had known would come for a long time. She pulled Sidney’s body towards her and kissed him. After their long kiss, Sidney took the ring out of the box and placed it on Kate’s ring finger. They started kissing again, and both of them laid back down on the bed, but a minute later Sidney stopped.
“We have to get going,” Sidney said with disappointment in his voice. “We have to take the team picture soon.”
“Boo,” Kate replied, laughing, and taking another glance at her ring, which she absolutely loved.
“But we’ll pick this up later?”
“Well, obviously,” Kate laughed. “I think this,” indicating her ring, “means that we will.”
He gave her another kiss, and got out of bed, and Kate followed. Troy, Trina, and Taylor had all gone out, so they were alone in the house. They both got ready, and headed out, knowing they would be answering a ton of questions today, but that didn’t matter. They were both the happiest they had ever been, and today, even though it would probably seem endless, it would go down as the best day of their lives…so far.

The Girl Next Door Chapter 67

When Sidney got back, he took a shower, and then they headed to Halifax, and he and Taylor showed Kate around. They went to the harbor, and just walked around downtown, pointing things out to Kate along the way. Not too many people bothered Sidney, which was nice. Kate and Sidney walked hand-in-hand, and the three of them spent a few hours downtown, before heading home in the late afternoon.
When they walked in the door, both Trina and Troy were there.
“Hey you three,” Trina greeted them. “How was Halifax?”
“It was so nice,” Kate replied. “We went to the harbor, and just walked around. Everything was really cool.”
“That’s good,” Trina said. “Taylor, do you want to go get ready for your sleep over?”
Taylor nodded her head, and went to her room to pack up her things.
The four of them talked for awhile, and soon, Taylor came out with her things packed. Troy took her over to her friend’s house.
A little while later, while Sidney and Kate were outside, Trina poked her head outside to talk to them.
“Well, we’re off,” she said to them.
“Where to?” Sidney asked.
“We’re going to Angela and Mark’s house for that party, and we won’t be back until late.”
“Oh yeah, that’s tonight.”
“Have fun!” Kate told Trina and Troy.
Trina whispered something into Sidney’s ear, and he blushed. Kate waited until she heard the front door slam before asking Sidney what that was about.
“She told me, and I quote, ‘No funny business,’” Sidney replied, laughing.
“And what exactly does that mean?” Kate asked, laughing back.
“Oh, you damn well know what it means.” Sidney moved closer to Kate and kissed her. Kate picked up from that kiss where the night was headed. In the kitchen, Kate heard something.
“Oh shit, the water,” Kate said, hopping up from her chair. She ran into the kitchen, and saw that the water had boiled over in the pot on the stove, but that there was still more than enough for their pasta.
“Do you want to get the salad out?” Kate asked. She was starving and dying to eat.
“Sure,” Sidney said. He got the salad bowl out of the fridge and placed it on the table, along with everything else they needed.
Kate waited for the pasta to be done. As they stood at the stove, Sidney stood behind Kate and wrapped his arms around her waist. Kate leaned back into Sidney, and just didn’t want the moment to end. It was perfect. But soon the pasta was done, and they enjoyed a long dinner. They cleaned up their dishes after dinner, and then sat outside, since it was a nice night. They stayed out there long after the sun went down, Sidney with his arms wrapped around Kate’s waist.
“This sounds really corny, but I wish it could just stay like this, forever,” Kate said.
“I don’t know, it’s pretty horrible if you ask me,” Sidney replied.
Kate elbowed him, and they both laughed.
“You ass,” Kate said, still laughing.
“You know I’m kidding, Kate. There’s no place I’d rather be than here with you.”
“That’s a good line,” Kate said sarcastically.
“No, I mean it.” Sidney unwrapped his arms from around Kate and looked her right in her eyes. “I love you Kate, I do. I wish you didn’t have to go home in a couple days.”
“Same,” Kate told him.
She looked up at Sidney, and he leaned in and kissed her. As they continued to kiss, they stood up, and made their way inside, through the kitchen and family room, and down the hall. As Sidney pulled Kate’s shirt up and over her head, they reached Sidney’s bedroom, where, as they were about to reach the bed, shut the door behind them.

The Girl Next Door Chapter 66

Kate woke up to find herself still wrapped up in Sidney’s arms at four. She moved a little bit and kissed him on the cheek. He moaned, as if he did not want to be woken up, so Kate kissed him on the mouth, and that got him to wake up.
“What?” he moaned after their kiss.
“Well, its four AM,” Kate whispered, “don’t you think we should get to bed?”
“Probably not a bad idea.”
They got up and Kate turned off the TV. They walked back to their rooms and got ready for bed, and after they had brushed their teeth kissed each other goodnight.
Kate woke up around eight-thirty, put her hair up into a ponytail, and went to see if Sidney was in his room. He wasn’t, so she headed out to the kitchen and found him there with Taylor.
“Good morning,” Kate said as she walked into the kitchen.
“Morning,” Sidney and Taylor replied in unison. They were both seated at the table watching TV, and Sidney pulled out a chair for Kate.
“Aw, thanks,” Kate said as she sat down and gave Sidney’s hand a squeeze.
“Blah,” Taylor said, sticking her tongue out.
“Shut up Tay,” Sidney said.
“Excited for our run?” Kate asked him a minute later.
“Oh yeah, you know how much I love running,” Sidney sarcastically said. He didn’t like running, and Kate knew it, so she was going out with him to try to motivate him (Kate ran a few times a week, and actually liked it).
“Well, let’s get a little something to eat and get moving. The sooner we go, the earlier we’ll be done with it.”
They ate a little something, and then got ready for their run. Their run was three miles long, and after it, they were sweaty and tired (it was nine-thirty and already eighty degrees, a rarity for Cole Harbour). They grabbed some water when they got inside, and sat down on the couch.
“Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?” Kate asked with a big smile on her face as she patted his hand.
“Oh yeah, a ton of fun,” he sarcastically said. “And now it’s time for me to head in for training.”
“Well, have fun.”
“I always do. I actually like it.”
“I know you do, and that’s why everyone thinks you’re a freak,” Kate laughed.
Sidney leaned in and gave Kate a quick kiss on the lips.
“I’ll see you in a couple hours,” he said.
“Okay, see ya,” she replied.
After Sidney left, Kate took a shower, and then headed outside to play some hockey with Taylor. After playing for a long time, they went inside and watched some TV as they waited for Sidney to come back, because he was going to take them out when he got back.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Girl Next Door Chapter 65

That night, they all had dinner together, and afterwards, Sidney took Kate to see the sunset over the bay. It was one of the prettiest things Kate had ever seen; it was just an amazing sight. After that, Sidney took her to the house he had recently bought for himself. There was no furniture yet, but that was something he was going to work on before he went back to Pittsburgh.
They went back home, and played hockey with Taylor outside until after eleven, when they decided to stop, because Sidney had to be up early for training.
Kate decided to go to bed then too, and she woke up the next morning around nine, long after Sidney had left.
“Morning, Taylor,” Kate greeted as she walked into the kitchen.
“Morning, Kate. You know Sidney left awhile ago right?”
“Yeah, I figured.”
“Morning, Kate!” Trina called as she walked into the kitchen.
“Morning, Trina.”
“Help yourself to some breakfast. I’ll take you over to the rink around ten-thirty for the little pick-up game.”
“Thanks,” Kate replied, as Trina handed her a bowl and spoon.
“So, you still like it here? Not bored yet?” Trina asked.
“I love it here,” Kate replied with a smile on her face. “I could definitely come back here again and again, it’s so pretty.”
“Glad to hear it. Maybe next summer you can stay a little longer.”
Kate, up until that very moment, had never thought about her life with Sidney that far into the future. It caught her a little off guard, but suddenly she realized that she wanted to be with Sidney the next summer, and for years after that. She realized right then and there that at eighteen, she had found the person that she was meant to be with for the rest of her life.
Kate thought about this during breakfast, as she and Taylor and Trina talked. After breakfast, Kate helped to clean up the kitchen, and then she got ready to go to the rink. At ten-thirty, Trina and Taylor took Kate over to the rink, gear in tow, and dropped her off. She found Sidney in the midst of his on-ice workouts, and he waved at her during one of his drills. Kate put her skates and gloves on, grabbed her stick (well, one of Sidney’s sticks), and waited for him to finish up. He finished up a little before eleven, and motioned for Kate to come onto the ice, and he introduced Kate to his trainer. His trainer left and the two of them were alone on the ice.
“Hey,” Kate said, giving him a kiss. It lasted for a minute, and then they broke apart as they heard a voice call out.
“Um, so are you two going to get a room, or are we going to play hockey?” Tim called out, Mike and Sam walking with him.
“Definitely play,” Kate said. She grabbed her stick from the ice and skated down ice with a puck, and shot it on the empty net, a wrist shot that went top shelf.
They played for about forty-five minutes, and Kate had more fun than she had had in a long time. Tim, Mike, and Sam had all played on the Dartmouth Subways, and Mike had played half a season of junior before getting injured and quitting, so the skill level that was out on the ice with Kate was a million times higher than what she was used to, but she held her own and did a pretty good job.
After their game, Sidney’s friends had to leave, so they said their good-byes and left Kate and Sidney on the ice by themselves.
“Have fun?” Sidney asked.
“That was a blast,” Kate replied, smiling from ear to ear. “I’ve never played with anyone that good, it was definitely the most fun I’ve had in awhile.”
“Good, I’m glad,” he replied, leaning in to kiss Kate.
“Um, ew,” Kate replied, laughing. “You’re ridiculously sweaty. I don’t think so.”
“Yeah, well, you’re sweaty too,” he replied, laughing. “Well, we have to go; the Zamboni needs to clean the ice.”
They picked up their sticks and the puck, and left the ice. They grabbed their things, and headed out to Sidney’s car to go home.
That night, as it turns out, Trina and Troy had invited a bunch of their relatives over to meet Kate. It was pretty hectic, even more so than Sidney’s experience meeting Kate’s family, but it went well. Sidney stood there with Kate the whole time to make sure that she didn’t get too overwhelmed. Kate really liked his family, and everyone liked her, so that was good.
“So, you didn’t die tonight,” Troy said to Kate after everyone had left. “It’s shocking, really.”
Kate laughed, and responded: “I liked everyone, they were really nice.”
“Well, they definitely liked you too,” Trina said. “They’re tough to please.”
They cleaned up the kitchen, and then Sidney and Kate sat down and watched TV by themselves, as everyone else had gone to bed. They fell asleep there, under a blanket and Kate wrapped up in Sidney’s arms.

The Girl Next Door Chapter 64

“Yeah?” Kate said, stirring as she spoke.
The door creaked open and Sidney poked his head inside. “Hey,” he greeted, walking into the room and shutting the door.
“Hey yourself,” she replied as he lay down next to her on the bed.
“What time did you leave?” he asked as he kissed Kate’s forehead and wrapped his arms around her.
“Five,” she replied, snuggling up to him.
They laid there in silence for a few minutes, until they figured it was time to get up. They left Kate’s room and headed down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.
“Morning, Kate!” Taylor greeted as Kate and Sidney walked into the kitchen.
“Morning, Tay,” she replied as she sat down at the table.
“Nothing for me?” Sidney asked her as he sat down.
“Nope,” she replied, laughing.
“So, all you can do is grill, make peanut butter and jelly, and pour cereal,” Kate stated, looking at Sidney. “What can you pour me for breakfast?”
Taylor and Sidney laughed, as he replied, “Hey, I can make pasta too.”
“I could make pasta when I was like eight,” Kate countered.
“You can pour your own cereal,” Sidney said seriously, until he started laughing a couple of seconds later. He walked over to the cabinet, and pulled out Froot Loops and Smart Start, and placed them on the table. He went back and got two bowls and two spoons, and stopped at the fridge to grab the milk.
Kate grabbed the Froot Loops and poured some into her bowl. Sidney did the same with his Smart Start, and after they each poured the milk and started eating their breakfast, they just smiled at each other.
“Do you guys love each other?” Taylor asked.
Both Sidney and Kate were in the midst of chewing their cereal, were both just kind of taken aback with Taylor’s question.
“Yeah Taylor, we do,” Sidney replied, Kate nodding her head in agreement.
“So, are you two, like, going to get married?” Taylor said in a part-serious, yet part-sarcastic tone.
At that, both Kate and Sidney started laughing.
“We’ll see, Tay,” Kate said, in mid-laugh.
After that, Sidney turned on the television in the kitchen and they watched it for the remainder of breakfast. Kate and Sidney kept looking at each other, smiling.
After breakfast, Kate took a shower and got ready, as did both Sidney and Taylor. They hung out for a little bit until noon, Trina came home from running errands, and Sidney and Kate headed out to meet some of Sidney’s friends. They were going to lunch at one of Sidney’s favorite places, and Kate was kind of nervous to meet some of his friends.
They walked into the restaurant, and Sidney’s friends were already there. They greeted each other before he introduced Kate.
“Kate, this is Tim, Mike, and Sam,” he said as Kate shook each one of their hands.
“It’s nice to finally meet you guys, Sid’s told me so much about you,” Kate said.
“He’s told us a lot about you too,” Tim said. “He talks about you all the time.”
Kate and the others laughed as Sidney slightly blushed.
“So, how do you like it up here so far?” Mike asked.
“It’s so pretty,” Kate replied. “I love it; it’s small, but not too small.”
They chatted and got to know each other, only pausing when the waitress came to take their orders. Kate heard some great stories about Sidney when he was younger; one made Kate laugh so hard that she had to cover her mouth so her Coke wouldn’t come flying out, which made everyone laugh even harder.
At the end of lunch, Tim asked, “So, do you want to play with us sometime this week?”
“I would love to, but I don’t have any gear,” Kate replied, a ton of sadness in her voice.
“Actually, you do,” Sidney replied. “My mom secretly got some skates and gloves for you from Reebok, she told me this morning. And you can just take one of my sticks, we both shoot left. We don’t check or anything, just pick-up.”
“Then I’m in,” Kate said, since she now had gear.
“Great. How about tomorrow? You’re done around noon, right Sid?” Sam asked.
“Yeah, I’ll end a little early, then we can just use up the last of my ice time,” Sidney replied.
“Great, see you then! Well, we have to get off to our jobs, it was nice to meet you Kate,” Sam said.
“It was great to meet you guys, I’m excited for tomorrow,” Kate told all of them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

my fan fiction

I dont know why... but for some reason I skipped four chapters so I fixed that and all chapters up to (and including chapter 33) are now posted

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 33

"I'll tell you whats going on... Those three ass holes kept calling me and texting me while I was at Marios saying goodbye to the Crosbys and it was embarrassing!" I say in a pissed off tone.

"And you flipped out because of that?!?" Max asks giving me a questioning look.

"Well... yes and no... Like I told them that I was going to be taking Sidney home this morning and they knew that but they "forgot" and then I also left a note and its just really annoying that they cant even pay attention to me when I talk and thats why I'm mad." I say.

"Geeze Bri... I'm sorry honey that they acted like morons, but you know that they love you to death and they were just worried about where you were..." Marc-Andre says giving me a hug.

"Ya Bri... Like dont you think that you can forgive them... I'm sure that they didnt mean to hurt your feelings and embarrass you." Max says as I pull away from Marc-Andre to give Max a hug.

"I guess so... I just dont understand why guys have to be so clueless sometimes..." I say with a laugh.

"HEYY THATS NOT COOL!!" The guys say at the same time. So after I finally decide to go and talk to the guys, we actually had a civilized conversation and they promised not to embarrass me like that ever again, and next time they will look to see if I left a note or anything like that and they will also listen to Marc-Andre if he tells them to stop bothering me. Once all of that is over with, we are all starving, so we decide to go out to lunch, but before we could do that, we had to take Darcy, Matt, and Noah to the airport so that Matt and Darcy could catch flights to WBS because they had to talk to their coach about the upcoming season and Noah was going back home to Boston for a few days so that he could get the rest of the stuff that he needs for the upcoming season. So after we dropped the guys off, it was just Max, Marc-Andre, Colby, Brooks and Ryan Whitney staying at my house. We went out to lunch and that is when I found out that we would be going to Jennerstown and I was soo excited. Jennerstown came and went and I had a blast hanging out with the guys and of course Sidney was there. Everything has been going great so far... and I can't wait for the season to start!....

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*FAST FORWARD TO THE START OF THE REGULAR SEASON*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Things have been going great so far between Sidney and I and tonight is the night that we have been waiting for! It's finally time for the home opener at Mellon Arena and I am soo excited and I can't wait for the game to start, but Its only 10am so I still have quite a bit of time until the game starts. After the morning skate, Sidney talks to the media for what seems like forever, but its no big deal because I am used to it by now. Once he is done with the media, he meets up with his parents over where all of the couches are in the locker room, while I talk to Max, Ryan, Eddie, and Brooks because there is still media in the room and as far as they know.. .Sidney and I are "just friends" and they still think that Eddie (as in Coach Eddie Olczyks son) and I are the ones dating. After a couple of minutes, the Crosby's leave and on their way out, they tell me that they will see me at the game later on tonight and finally after what seems like forever.. The last reporter finally leaves, which is Sidneys cue to get over to his locker so that I can finally talk to him..

"Adios boys, Thanks for keeping me company while I waited for the reporters to leave. "

"No problemo Bri." Max says as I give all of the guys hugs and I tell them that I'll see them later.

"Heyy so how excited are you for tonight?!?" I say jumping into his arms and giving him a hug.

"I've never been so excited before, but I have to admit that I'm really nervous." He says as he sits down on the bench and I'm now sitting on his lap.

"Why are you nervous?" I say gently stroking his brown semi-curly hair.

"Because, this is my first game in front of the home crowd and this is the first game that you are gonna be at in my career and I wanna play good for you baby." He says putting his head on my shoulder.

"Aww.. Sidney thats soo sweet." I say as he lifts his head up off of my shoulder so that we can kiss. After our making out for like 5 minutes or so, we decide to head back to my house so that we can get some lunch and then he was going to head back to Mario's so that he could take his pre-game nap. Once Sidney left, I decided to take a nap too because I knew that it was going to be a long night. I woke up at around 2pm and took a shower and got ready to go to the game. By 3pm, I was dressed in a pair of semi-tight cute jeans, a pair of white RBK tennis shoes with gold stripes, a tight 3/4 sleeved black t-shirt and of course my gold penguins necklace. At around 3:05 Sidney came and picked me up because I was going to show him the secret entrance into Mellon Arena and besides.. he still keeps getting lost going into town so I said that I would drive so that he could concentrate on the game.

"d**n! Someone is looking really hott tonight." Sidney says looking at my outfit as we walk down to his car.

"Gee thanks Sid, but I must say that your looking pretty
hott too in your suit and tie." I say leaning up against his car as he leans in to kiss me.

"Wait.. Before we go... I have a surprise for you." Sidney says and he opens the door to the passengers side of the car. "Here. I wanted to get you something to let you know just how much I appreciate you being so cool about things." He says handing me a clothes box with something in it.

As I open it, I see a penguins logo and I knew that it was a jersey. Once I pulled out of the box and saw that it was a Sidney Crosby jersey, I jumped into his arms and said, "Baby! I love it! Its perfect!"
"I thought you would like it... I just hope it fits because I wasnt sure if it would be small enough or not for you." He says.

"It fits perfectly! And oh my gosh! its like a real jersey! This must have cost a fortune." I say as I let go of Sidney so that I can put the jersey on.

"Nah.. Nothing is too expensive for you baby, and besides you deserve it... I mean you have put up with so much so far to be with me Brianna, but Brianna.... Can I tell you something that I've been wanting to tell you for a long time?" Sidney asks.

"Ya sure... what is it Sidney?" I reply.

"I've thought that you were an amazing girl from the moment that you walked into Marios kitchen on that friday evening in the middle of August and nothing has made me change my mind." Sidney says taking both of my hands in his and looking me straight in the eyes.

"Aww. Sidney thats so sweet..." I say with a smile.

"But thats not all I wanted to say.." He says.. "Brianna Grace Malone, what I've wanted to tell you for a while is that I love you Bri, I love you more than I've ever loved any other girl that ive ever dated." He says with a huge smile on his face.

"Sidney Patrick Crosby, you have no idea how long i've been waiting for you to say that. I love you so much baby." I say as his lips come crashing down onto mine and it was the best kiss that we have ever had.

"Phew... I've been wanting to tell you that for a long time, but I didnt want to make it seem like I was rushing into things, but after this mornings skate, I knew that I just had to tell you this before the game started tonight." He says hugging me.

"I've been wanting to tell you that too. but I didnt wanna think that we were rushing into things too fast either. but now that I've said it, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest. I love you."

"I love you too Brianna. And I hate to ruin things... but we really need to get going..." He says as he walks me over to the drivers side of the car and he opens the door for me and helps me in before closing the door and running around to the passengers side so that we can get going.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 31

So the next morning Max, Marc-Andre and I woke up at around 11:30 and we walked out into the kitchen and saw Colby and Robo looking at different pizza menus.

"Good morning sleepy heads." Colby says with a laugh as the 3 of us stumble into the kitchen.

"Morning Colby. Morning Robo." I say hugging Colby then Darcy.

"So...Do all of these places deliver to your house Brianna?" Darcy asks

"Yep..Why? what do you want for lunch?" I reply.

"I was thinking Pizza Hut... I mean if thats okay with everyone else." Robo says looking at everyone. Once we all agree that Pizza Hut is okay I call and order two large pizzas and 3 orders of bread sticks. While we wait for the pizza to get there, I went back to my room so that I could get my laptop so that I could upload the pictures from yesterday and I also wanted to call Sidney before his rookie lunch thing that he had to go to.

"Hello?" Sidney says answering his phone.

"Hi Sid! It's me." I say.

"Hi honey! How are you?" He asks

"Pretty good, so since we're not going to be getting back from the game til kinda late... do you just want to stay here?"

"I'd love to but let me go check with my parents first okay?"

"Ya thats fine.." So Sidney goes and asks his parents if he can stay at my house after the game.

"Bri, they said that I can stay as long as I am home by like 11:30 tomorrow morning cause their flight is leaving at like 5 and I need to spend some time with them before they go, but I need to go finish getting ready for this rookie lunch thing... I'll see you at around 4 okay?"

"Okay.. Ya I have to go too before the guys send a search party after me, and ya 4 is fine with me." I say

"Alright bye Bri." Sidney says.

"Bye Sidney" I say then I hang up my phone, grab my camera and laptop and head out towards the kitchen. Once I get back out to the kitchen, I upload all of the pictures and e-mail them all to the guys so that they can get copies made of some of the pics. After we are done with that, our food arrived, we ate lunch and then at around 1:00 we decided to go swimming for a little bit. At around 3:00 we all decided to go start getting ready to go to the game because we were leaving my house at like 4:30. Once I got out of the shower, I went into my room, changed into a pair of jean capris and a black t-shirt so that I could put my McLouth jersey on over that. As I was straightening my hair I heard someone knock on my door.

"Come In." I yelled to the person on the other side of the door.

"Hey Bri-cakes can I talk to you for a minute?" Marc-Andre says coming into my room and closing the door behind him.

"Ya sure... but can you straighten this one part of my hair real quick for me?" I say handing him the straightener and pointing to the spot that I need him to straighten for me.

"Alright I got it." Marc-Andre says handing me the straightener after he straightens the very back of my hair.

"Thanks you're a doll." I say giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Alright so what's up Maffy." I say as Marc-Andre sits down on my bed and sighs.

"Okay well I just wanna give you a little heads-up on what could happen this year NHL-wise now that you are dating Sid." He says motioning for me to come sit next to him.

"Umm... okay Maffy..." I say going and sitting next to him.

"Alright, I didnt want to say this to you last night while the guys were sitting here because I didnt want you to get pissed off but whether you want to believe me or not, when we are on the road, sometimes we give into the temptations of other girls and I just wanted to let you know that." He says

"I know Maffy, I mean I've been around this kinda stuff my entire life and I am prepared for what could happen, I mean I don't want Sidney cheating on me or anything, but as long as something too major doesnt happen, I will be able to get over it." I say.

"Well... As long as you understand what could possibly happen then I think that I've done my work here. And just remember, if you ever just wanna talk or anything like that, I'm here for ya Bri." He says giving me a hug.

Thanks Maffy! I appreciate it!" I say hugging him back. Once our conversation was over, we both walked back to my living room to wait for everyone else to get to my house. A few minutes later (at like 3:55) we were sitting in my living room waiting when the door bell rang.

"Heyy guys c'mon in!" I say opening the door for everyone. Once I greet Ryan, Abby, Ryan Whitney, Noah, and Matt I notice that Sidney isnt there....

"Hey Matt, where's Sidney at?" I ask with a confused look on my face.

"Um... His mom called when we were on our way over and he said that he would be up in a minute or so." Mat says as he walks into my house. Sure enough.. A minute or so later, Sidney comes walking up my front steps.

"Heyy baby sorry about that... My mom called to see how the lunch thing went." He says giving me a hug.

"It's alright." I say then I kiss him. After we kiss, we walk back into my living room where everyone is waiting to go to the game. Once I grab my stuff (tickets, money, camera, that kinda stuff) I turn the house alarm on and we all leave for the game. Max, Marc-Andre, Abby, Ryan, Darcy and Noah went in one car, while Brooks drove the car that Ryan W, Colby, Matt, myself and Sidney were in. On the way to the game, Sidney and I sat in the very back and just talked about how the rookie things were going and stuff like that. Once we got to the game, I went down said hi to Nate and then Sidney and I went to go get some food.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 32

The Pirates ended up winning their game 6-2 and after the game, I went down to the clubhouse and congratulated Nate on the win, but I didnt stay long because it was getting late and I was feeling kinda tired. Everyone who was staying at my house left in one car and everyone who was staying with Ryan and Abby left with them. By the time we got back to my house, it was 11:30, so we all decided to go and change into our pajamas and then meet back in the kitchen. Once we all changed and met up in the kitchen, the guys decided that they wanted to play blackjack, but I had to be the dealer because the guys said that they would have felt guilty taking my money, and to be honest... I didnt mind because I'm not very good at blackjack and I didnt feel like losing any money. At around 2am, I was getting really tired.

"Guys... I hate to say it, but I'm really tired..." I say with a yawn.

"Ya.. Same here..." Marc-Andre says. After I say goodnight to Marc-Andre, Max, Brooks, Colby and Robo, Sidney and I head towards my room. Once we get to my room, I close the door, walk over to my bed, pull down the covers, and climb into my bed with Sidney lying right next to me.

"Sidney... Did you have fun at the game tonight?" I ask.

"Of course I did! The game was a lot of fun, and besides, I always have fun when I'm with you baby." He says pulling me into his big strong arms.

"Aww Sidney! Thats soo sweet." I say kissing him. Sidney and I woke up at around 9:30 and it was no surprise to me that we were the first ones up, because when I fell asleep at like 3am... I could still hear the guys out in my living room. Sidney and I went out to the kitchen, read the sports section and made some breakfast. By about 10:45ish Sidney and I were heading down to my car so that I could take him back to Marios.

"So... I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything to you or not, but when you get back to your house, the guys are going to ask you what your plans for tomorrow are." Sidney says.

"Okay... why wouldnt you be able to tell me that?" I ask.

"Because they bought tickets to go to Jennerstown?... Ya Jennerstown... they said that it was some racetrack like 2 hours away from here that you went to like a month ago.."

"SERIOUSLY?!? Oh my gosh!!! I love Jennerstown!" I say with a smile.

"ya.. the guys said that you liked it." Sidney replied. We kept talking about random stuff for like 20 more minutes before we got to the Lemieux's house. When we got there I was greeted by a very sad looking Taylor and Alexa.

"Whats wrong girlies?" I say getting out of the car.

"Tay has to leave today and I dont want her to go..." Alexa says hugging me.

"Aww... Sweetie, she has to go because her friends up in Nova Scotia will miss her." I say.

"But I dont wanna leave yet... it seems like I just got here." Taylor says now hugging me.

"Tayy... I'm sure you don't want to leave, but mom and dad said that you guys will be back for the home opener and thats not that far away... Now c'mon let go of Bri..." Sidney says. After we go inside, I talk to the Crosbys and then I need to get going because the guys keep texting me and they wont stop asking me when I'm getting back to my house. So Sidney says that he will walk me out to my car and then he'll be back inside. So I hug the Crosbys goodbye and tell that I'll see them down in Wilkes-Barre for one of the pre-season games and with that, Sidney and I head out to my car. Once we get to my car, Sidney says, "Thanks for being so great around my parents, and for being so nice to Taylor."

"Aww... it's no big deal." I say hugging him.

"Well... I better let you go before the guys send a search party after you." Sidney says with a laugh as once again my phone goes off and its Marc-Andre's ringtone, so I figure that I should probably get going. After I kiss Sidney goodbye one final time, I get in my car and call Marc-Andre so that I can figure out why in the hell the kept calling and texting me. Once I dial the number I put my phone on speaker and wait for him to answer.

"Hello?" Marc-Andre says.

"Maffy why in the hell have you guys been calling me when you knew that I was at the Mario's with Sidney saying goodbye to his parents and little sister?!?" I yell into the phone.

"Because we have been waiting for you to get home... I mean you've been gone for like 2 hours and we wanna take you to lunch or something.. but we kinda cant leave unless youre here so the guys kept calling plus I didnt wake up until they had already called you like 5 or 6 times.... I'm sorry Bri.. I didnt know you would get this upset..." Marc-Andre responds.

"It's cool Maffy... I was just getting mad because the 3 idiots (**Colby, Brooks and Ryan Whitney**) kept calling me and texting me while I was in talking to the Crosby's." I say.

"Oh... well... Sorry about them.. I told them to leave you alone... but as usual... they didnt listen to me..."

"It's cool... well... I'll be home in a minute or so and then we can go out to lunch... so i'll talk to you in a couple of minutes." I say

"Alright... Bye Bri." Marc-Andre says.

"Bye Maffy." I say and then I hang up the phone. Once I get back to my house, I see the 3 stooges sitting in my living room.

"Alright you three! GET IN THE KITCHEN RIGHT NOW!!!" I yell and I point towards the kitchen.

"Crap Bri, whats wrong with you?" Colby asks once they sit down in the kitchen

"I'm pissed off at you three because you embarrassed the hell out of me when I was at Marios! Like seriously, you knew where I went and yet you still called me what 12 times?!? I have 6 new voice mails, and 12 new texts from you three?!? C'mon thats insane and you know it!!"

"We're sorry Bri, we honestly didnt know where you were because we woke up after you left, and we were the first ones up and you and Sidney were no where to be found and your car was gone...." Colby says.

"Ya Bri, we didnt know what to think..." Brooks adds.

"Well... If you three would have used your brains for once in your lives you would have seen that I left a note right here." I say pointing to the note. "And besides I told you guys last night that I was taking Sidney home this morning because his parents are leaving to go back to Nova Scotia today... Oh.. wait.. let me guess.... you forgot.. wow.. It's nice to know that my friends pay attention to me when I talk." I say and with that I turn and walk out of the room, and knowing the guys they would be chasing after me to apologize to me, I ran to my room, locked the door and just started to cry....Within a second or so of locking the door, the guys were there pounding on it trying to get me to come out.

"Bri cakes please come out... we love you and you know it... were sorry honey..." Brooks says.

"I DONT CARE!!! GO AWAY!!!" I yell back.

"Bri, c'mon please come out..." Ryan says.

"NO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I yell.

"BRIANNA GRACE MALONE! YOU CANT STAY MAD AT US FOREVER!!" Colby yells and I can tell that he is really pissed off.


"Fine! Be a b!tch! see how much I care!" Colby yells and I can hear him stomp down the hall like a little five year old. A few seconds later, I hear Brooks and Ryan each give out a sigh and they walk away and not even 5 seconds later, my boys Max and Marc-Andre are calmly knocking on my door.

"Brianna sweetie... Its Flower and Max.. can we please come in?" Max asks.

"Is it just you two out there?" I ask.

"Ya.. we promise that its just us." Marc-Andre says, and I trust those two so I decide to let them in.

"Now Brianna, can you please tell us what all of this yelling is all about?" Max asks....

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 30

Since some of the guys came with Ryan and Abby and some of them came in a cab straight from the airport and met Ryan and Abby before the game, Sidney and I decided that would would bring three of them back with us in the Land Rover. I mean ya... Ryan has a Hummer and all, but I missed my boys and I figured that Sidney would like to catch up with Marc-Andre and Max. So Colby, Marc-Andre and Max came with us, while Darcy, Ryan, Brooks, Matt and Noah went with Ryan and Abby. Once we got back to my house we ordered pizza, because as you may or may not know, hockey players are always hungry. Since my parents and little brother were out of town (they went to Williamsport to watch the Little League World Series) I knew that I had the house to my self until Monday. So I called my parents and asked if some of the guys could just stay at our house so that I wasnt all alone and they both said that they didnt care who stayed as long as we promised not to have any parties, so I promised that we would be good and the guys were allowed to stay. Once I was done talking to them, Colby insisted that I call my grandparents and tell them to come up and join us for pizza, so since he was practically begging, I said that I would call my gram and see what they were up to.

"Hello?" My gram said answering the phone.

"Hi Gram. Its me" I reply.

"Oh hi Brianna! How was the Pirate game today?" she asked.

"Pretty good, but someone here wants to talk to you." I say putting the phone on speaker and then I hand it to Colby.

"Hi Grandma!" Colby says.

"Colby! How are ya doing kid? I've missed you!" My gram says in an excited tone.

"haha! I've been pretty good. and I've missed you too. Um Brianna and I wanted to know if you and pap wanted to come up and join all of us for dinner. We ordered pizza and I'm not taking no for an answer." Colby says.

"Oh.. Colby.. we wouldnt want to impose and besides, why would you young kids want two old people there?" My gram asks.

"Aww geeze gram! Of course we want you here! We've missed you two! Please come..." Colby begs.

"Ya gram please come! plus if you come over, you and pap can finally meet my boyfriend." I add.

"Alright, if you insist... We'll be there in 5 minutes okay?" My gram says.

"Yay! Okay see ya then!" Colby says.

"See ya then gram!" I say.

"Okay you two, see ya in a little bit." My gram says, and with that, I hang up the phone, hug Colby then kiss him on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Colby asks.

"Because you just made her day and boy is she gonna be shocked when she sees that Maffy and Max are both here." I say with a laugh.

Okay so my gram loves all of the guys like they are her own grandchildren and almost all of the younger players on the Penguins and Baby Penguins teams call her grandma because she bakes them cookies around the holidays and for their birthday, she always bakes them a cake or something like that.

"Heyy guys! Guess who's coming?" Colby says as we go out to the pool and see Max, Marc-Andre, Darcy and Matt playing chicken while the rest of the guys are having a cannon ball competition with Abby being the judge.

"Who?" Max says as Matt pushes him off of Marc-Andres shoulders and into the water.

"GRANDMA and GRANDPAP!!!" Colby cheers.

"No way! Gram and pap are coming?" Ryan M says.

"Yep! Their on their way up right now!" I say as Max and Fleury get out of the pool so that they can dry off before my gram and pap get there. Since my grandparents just live right down the road from me, I knew that they would be there in a few minutes, so I decided not to get in the water. As I predicted, a few minutes later, my gram and pap pulled in and Colby went running down to their car to greet them. Once they got up to where the pool is my gram was in shock to see all of the guys.

"Oh my gosh! I've missed you kids so much." My gram says hugging all of the guys while my pap just shakes their hands.

"We've missed you too gram!" Max says giving my gram a big hug.

"Hi Gram and Pap!" Ryan says hugging our grandparents.

"Hi sweetie! Now where is your darling little girlfriend?" My gram says looking for Abby.

"I'm right here gram." Abby says hugging my gram then my pap.

"Gram, Pap, I have someone that I wanna introduce you to." I say taking Sidneys hand and leading him towards where my grandparents are sitting. "Grammy, pappy, this is my boyfriend Sidney Crosby, Sid, these are my grandparents Dorothy and Peter."

"It's nice to finally meet you Sidney." My gram says giving him a hug. "As you heard, all of the guys just call us gram and pap, so please call me gram and call him pap."

"It's nice to meet you too. Everyone has told me a lot about you two." Sidney says.

"Nice to meet you Sidney." My pap says shaking his hand. After the introductions are over, the pizza guy pulls in, so Abby and I go down pay the guy and get our food and bring it to my back porch where all the guys are sitting around laughing at a story that my gram is apparently telling about me. After everyone eats, my gram tells a few more stories so that the guys food can digest before they go back into the pool. About 15 minutes or so after we eat, we all decide to go have a cannon ball contest with my grandparents being the judges. Colby somehow won the contest and Brooks came in second. Then we did the smallest splash contest and Abby and I both won that because we were of course the two smallest ones there. At around 8:30pm my grandparents decided to leave. Once they left, we all just decided to go play wiffleball. Since Abby and I were the only two girls they made us captains. My team consisted of me, Sidney (of course), Ryan Whitney, Noah Welch, Max and Darcy, and the other team was Abby, Ryan, Colby, Brooks, Matt Murley, and Marc-Andre. Of course my team ended up winning the game 6-3 but Colby insisted that they let us win (which I dont believe for one minute).

At around 10pm ish Abby, Ryan M, Matt, Brooks, Noah and Ryan Whitney left because they were all staying at Ryan and Abbys house. By 10:30 Sidney had to leave so that he would be back to Mario's house by his curfew. Once he left, that left me with Colby, Max, Marc-Andre and Darcy and I knew they were going to ask me tons of questions about Sidney and I. Once we were done cleaning up, we all changed into our pajamas and the guys met me in my room because as Darcy put it, "they needed to have a talk with me."

"Alright guys, what do you need to talk about?" I ask as they sit down on my bed with Colby to my left and Darcy to my right.

"So... you and Sidney..." Colby says in an awkward tone...

"Ya.. what about me and Sidney?" I ask

"Brianna, are you happy with him?" Darcy asks.

"Of course I am! Why?" I say in a defensive tone.

"Because, after your last relationship, we worry about you Bri-cakes." Colby says wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"Oh... well I appreciate it, but trust me you guys, Sidney is perfect and I really really like him." I say with a smile.

"Well as long as your happy, thats all that matters to us." Max says.

"Ya Bri, youre like a little sister to us, and we just want you to be happy, and its obvious that Sidney makes you happy." Marc-Andre says with a smile.

"Thanks you guys. I appreciate it, and by the way, you guys like him right? Because I mean, you guys are so important to me, and I want you guys to get along with him." I say.

"Ya totally sweetie, we all think that hes really cool and as long as he doesnt hurt you we will like him." Darcy says with a reassuring smile.

"Good because, I'm tellin' you guys, he's perfect. Like he's not like most superstar athletes that i've met, he actually cares about what I have to say." I say with a smile.

"Well, we're happy for ya hun, and I can't speak for the rest of the guys but I'm really tired so I'm going to go to sleep." Darcy says as he hugs me goodnight and kisses the top of my head.

"Ya.. me too. Nite Bri, nite guys." Colby says. Once Colby and Darcy leave the room Max asks, "Bri, we're not tired... are you?"

"Nope, not at all, besides, I havent seen you two in like forever, we need to catch up." And with that Max was now to my left and Marc-Andre was to my right.

"Hey flower, won't your girlfriend be mad that you're here with me?" I ask.

"Nope... she's still up in Canada." He said with a laugh.

"Okay good because thats the last thing I need is her being pissed off at me again." I said with a sigh. I continued to talk to the guys til about 12:30am before Marc-Andre fell asleep next to me and Max and I fell asleep soon after with my head on his shoulder.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 29

So the next day Sidney picked me up at 10:30 sharp and we made our way to PNC Park, we decided to park right behind home plate that way a lot of people would notice Sidney on our way in. Once we were in the ball park, Sidney asked me were we would be sitting and he also asked where we were supposed to be meeting Ryan and Abby, so I told him that we were just meeting them at our seats (which were right behind the Pirates dugout.) When we got to the section that we were going to be sitting in, I saw Ryan and Abby already there and they were talking to some other people, but I couldn't tell who it was because they had their backs facing Sidney and I.

"Hmm...I dont remember Ryan saying that other people were coming to the game with us." I say as Sidney and I walk closer to our seats.

"Well I wouldn't know if he invited anyone else either hun." Sidney says as we walk towards Ryan, Abby and the group of guys. As we get closer to the group, I notice the goofy laugh of one of the guys and I just cant help myself. "OH MY GOSH!!! CHEESE HEAD!! What are you doing here?" I say with an excited tone jumping into Colby Armstrong's arms and totally not noticing the other people standing there. "Well.. we wanted to surprise you." Colby says putting me down.

"Aahh! Ry, Brooksy, Robo, Maffy, Max, Noah and Matty! I can't believe you guys are here!" I say hugging my friends Ryan Whitney, Brooks Orpik, Darcy Robinson, Marc-Andre Fleury, Max Talbot, Noah Welch and Matt Murley. "Well Training Camp starts in a week or so for some of us and like Army said, we thought we would surprise you." Brooks says.

"Well it sure is one hell of a surprise!" I say with a huge smile on my face. "Oh geeze I'm sorry sweetie." I say turning to Sidney. "I almost forgot to introduce you to everyone." I say taking his hand. "Sidney, do you care if I say that your my boyfriend? I mean they are gonna be your teammates.." I whisper. Sidney just nods his head and tells me that its fine for me to tell them that were dating so I semi-yell (you know the kinda voice that you use to get someones attention) "Hey guys!"

"Ya Bri-Cakes" Colby answers as the guys all turn and face Sidney and I.

"This is my boy friend Sidney Crosby... Sid, this is Colby Armstrong, Ryan Whitney, Brooks Orpik, Darcy Robinson, Marc-Andre Fleury, Max Talbot, Noah Welch and Matt Murley." I say pointing to each guy as I say their name.

"Geeze Brianna, you didnt need to introduce him to me and Maffy." Max says.

"Um... yes I did... I'm introducing him to everyone..." I say with a confused look on my face.

"Actually hun... no you didnt... I played on Team Canada with Flower and Max a year ago." Sidney says with a laugh.

"Oh.. my bad.." I reply.

"It's cool.. So how long have you two been dating?" Max asks.

"Since last Friday." I say with a smile. We all continued to talk and catch up on things for another 15 minutes or so until I heard someone call my name. When I turn around I see my good friend Nate McLouth (center fielder for the Pirates) motioning for me to come see him.

"Heyy Nate-dog whats up?" I say as I get over to the gate by the dugout.

"Not much... just waiting for the game to start... and I thought I saw a pretty little brunette standing up there that looked like you... but the Brianna that I know is single and she would have told me that she was coming today." He says with a laugh.

"Sorry Nate... but I have a boyfriend and I didnt know that you were gonna be playing today..." I reply with a shrug.

"Its cool.. Now turn so I can see which players shirt you're wearing today.." He replies motioning for me to spin. "Bay... come on Bri... why not my jersey?" Nate says giving me the puppy dog pout.

"Well... I just bought this one yesterday.. and I don't own a McLouth jersey." I reply.

"Well then... I guess I'm gonna have to change that...Are you coming tomorrow too?" Nate asks.

"Ya our group is coming again tomorrow." I say motioning to everyone.

"Okay so I need to go get three jerseys..." Nate says looking at the group.

"Why three? I'm only coming to one more game genius." I question.

"Well... I know that Abby is standing up there and she will be pissed if I don't get her a jersey too so I'll get one for you to wear today and one for both of you to wear tomorrow. Wait here I'll be right back..." Nate says walking back towards the club house.

"Alright I'll be here." I say with a laugh

"Brianna who are you talking to now?" Sidney says wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder.

"Oh.. Just my friend Nate... but I have to wait here 'cause he just went to get jerseys for me and Abby." I say kissing him on the cheek.

"Geeze Bri, how many guy friends do you have?" Sidney asks as I wave to some of my Pirate friends.

"Honey, If you think this is a lot... wow... Let me just tell ya.. you ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait til hockey season starts." I say with a laugh. Just then Nate comes back holding 3 of his extra jerseys that he is letting Abby and I borrow.

"Thanks for the jerseys!" I say giving Nate a hug. "Oh Nate, this is my boyfriend Sidney Crosby, Sid, this is my friend Nate McLouth." I say introducing Sidney to Nate. After introducing the guys to each other, Nate has to go get ready for the game so Sidney and I tell him that we will see him later. Once we get back up to our seats I put on one of the jerseys that Nate gave me and then I give one to Abby to wear for tomorrow.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 28

"I wonder if Ryan and Abby are here yet..." I say to Sidney as we go down the escalator in Dicks Sporting Goods.

"Hmm... I'm not sure.. what exactly are we buying here today anyways?" Sidney asks.

"Um. We're getting stuff to wear to the Pirate games." I reply. Once we get down to where all of the Pirate stuff is, Sidney and I start picking out what we wanna buy when Ryan comes up behind me, and covers my eyes. "Guess who" Ryan says with a laugh.

"Hi Ryan!" I say taking his hands off of my eyes, then I turn around to give my cousin a hug.

"Hey Bri" He says hugging me back. After Sidney and I say hi to Ryan and Abby, we start picking out what we wanna buy for the Pirate games. I bought a Jason Bay shirt, a yellow Pirate shirt, a gray Pirate hoodie, a hat and a pair of black Pirate shorts. Abby got a Jack Wilson shirt, a gray pirate shirt, a hat and a white pirate hoodie.. Sidney got a Jason Bay shirt, a white pirate shirt, a hat, and a black pirate hoodie, and Ryan got a Jack Wilson shirt, a gray pirate hoodie, a black pirate shirt and a hat. Once we bought all of our Pirate gear we decided to split up for a little bit and then we would meet at the food court at 3:30ish.

"So where do you wanna go first?" I ask Sidney as we head out into the mall.

"Um... it doesn't matter... I have no idea where I'm at, so maybe you should decide... And here, let me carry that for you." Sidney says taking my bag with all of my pirate stuff in it for me.

"Aww thanks sweetie." I say handing him my bag. "How about we just start going to the right, and we can make the loop." I say as Sidney reaches for my right hand. Sidney and I went into a bunch of different stores and we still had about 45 minutes til we had to meet up with Ryan and Abby so we decided to make a pit stop at Starbucks.

"Hmm... I don't know what I want." Sidney says looking at the board with all of the drinks on it. "What are you gonna get?"

"I'm gonna get my usual... I vente green tea." I reply taking out my gift card.

"I think I'm gonna get the same thing." Sidney says taking out his wallet.

"What do you think youre doing?" I ask looking at his wallet.

"Taking money out so I can pay for our drinks... why? what are you doing with that gift card?"

"I'm paying for these, You've paid for enough today... I mean after you bought me my Pirate stuff... this is the least I can do." I say giving him the puppy dog pout.

"But you're the one that paid for the tickets for the pirate games... and seriously let me pay for our drinks so I don't look like a loser boyfriend."

"I don't care if I paid for the tickets! Thats not the point... and if you dont wanna look like a loser, how about you give the guy my gift card?" I say handing him .

"Fine... you're too much Bri." He says taking the gift card. After Sidney and I get our drinks, we walk over to one of the couches and sit down.

"So, did you get everything you needed today?" I asked Sidney looking at the bag with all of the ties and dress shirts that he bought for the season.

"Yepp... I think so, thanks again for helping me pick this stuff out... I would have been a disaster without you." He says putting his arm around me then he kisses me on the top of my head.

"Aww.. It's not a problem, besides, I can't have my boyfriend looking like a disaster now can I?" I say with a smile.

"Haha. No I guess that wouldn't be very good." Sidney says with a laugh. After we drink our green tea, we head back towards the food court to meet up with Ryan and Abby. Sidney and Ryan decided to sit at one of the booths while Abby and I went to get our food. Sidney and Ryan wanted Subway, so I went there to get their food for them and Abby and I wanted Villa Pizza, so she went there to get our food. Once we got back to where the guys are eating, we eat our food, say our goodbyes and then Ryan says that he and Abby will meet Sidney and I at PNC park at 11am-ish for the game. After we said goodbye to Ryan and Abby, they headed to their car (they parked at thingys Sporting Goods) and Sidney and I headed out towards my car.

"So did you have fun today?" I ask as Sidney and I put our bags into the back seat of my car.

"Ya I did, but there is one thing that you and I still havent figured out yet... how are we getting to the game tomorrow?" Sidney asks.

"Oh crap.. I forgot about that... Um, I'll just pick you up tomorrow morning and then we can take my car to the game." I reply as we get into the car.

"Or... I could just take my parents car, then I can pick you up because I feel really bad that you've had to be the one driving every time we've gone somewhere." Sidney says as I pull out of the parking spot.

"Are you sure you will know where you're going? I mean I dont want you to get lost or anything."

"Trust me Bri, I can definitely find my way to your house, and I might need a little bit of help getting to PNC Park, but you'll be with me, so I'll just pick you up tomorrow at 10:30... I mean... if that's okay with you..." Sidney says.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 27

After everyone eats dinner, we all once again go our separate ways. The adults and the kids head towards the bumper cars while Sidney and I decide to head towards the Thunderbolt. As we are walking towards the Thunderbolt, Sidney keeps rubbing his head and wincing.

"Sidney, what's wrong?" I ask giving him a concerned look.

"Nothing... I'm fine." He says.

"No, somethings obviously wrong. Come sit down for a minute." I say as we walk over to one of the benches.

"Seriously... what's wrong?" I ask.

"It's nothing... I just have a headache." He says.

"Aww Sidney how long have you had a headache?" I ask.

"A couple of hours... but I didnt want a little headache to mess up our day." He says kissing my forehead.

"Geeze Sid, now I feel bad. Why did't you say something? I have headache medicine with me... Do you want some?"

"I didn't wanna be a pain... but ya can I have some medicine?" He asks.

"Sure ya can. Here's some Advil." I say handing him the medicine and my bottle of water.

"Thanks Brianna. You're the best." He says after he takes the medicine.

"I know I know." I say giving him a hug.

"So do you wanna start walking towards the Thunderbolt again?" Sidney asks.

"Um.. It doesnt matter to me... what about your headache?" I reply.

"By the time we get over there and wait in the line, the medicine should be kicking in... So lets get going." He says standing up then he reaches for my hand to help me up.

"Aww youre soo sweet." I say as I stand up and kiss him on the cheek.

"I know... I try." He says with a smile. After Sidney and I ride the Thunderbolt we go ride the Exterminator and some of the other rides over in Lost Kennywood. At around 10 pm Mario calls me and lets us know that they are leaving but for us to have fun and be careful leaving at the end of the night. So I told him that we would see him later and not to worry 'casue I'm a good driver. At around 11:30 Sidney and I were pretty tired so we decided to leave. After getting our stuff out of the lockers we started to head towards my car when all of a sudden... I hear... Jake of course.. calling my name.

"BRIANNA!!! WAIT UP!!" He yells, so I turn around to see Jake running towards Sidney and I.

"Um.... This is gonna be kinda awkward, but Liz got pissed at me and left... and she was kinda my ride home... so can you please give me a ride?" He asks giving me the puppy dog pout.

"Um... I guess so...Sid, do you care? I mean we have to pass his house on the way back to my house anyway." Sidney says its fine... well after he rolls his eyes in disgust.. but I'll deal with that later... After a rather awkward and silent ride I drop Jake off at his house and then Sidney and I head back to my house.

"Brianna Grace, why in the world did you have to be so nice to him?" Sidney asks in a frustrated tone.

"Because Sidney Patrick! I couldnt leave the kid stranded at Kennywood" I reply.

"I think that you should have let that jerk walk home. He treated you like crap! why should you be nice to him?"

"Sidney, Jake and I were best friends! And if you were soo against me taking him home, why did you agree to it? You have a mouth you could have opened it and said something, but you didnt so now youre mad because I was being a nice person?!?" I reply

"Brianna, settle down. I just dont understand why you are being so nice to him.... That's all..." He says attempting to hold my hand, but I just place both hands on the wheel and keep on driving back to my house. All I can think is 'Oh great, my boyfriend and I just got into our first fight, and of course.... Jake had something to do with it... gosh I can't wait to get back home.' Once we get back to my house, I start to take my stuff out of the trunk of my car when Sidney stops me.

"Bri... Come here baby, I'm sorry that I upset you." He says with a sad look on his face as he pulls me into those big strong arms of his.

"Sidney, it just feels like you don't trust me... I mean Jake and I are friends.. We always have been and we always will be... I don't like him anymore, i mean if I did... I would be with him right now... not you." I say as I can feel the tears streaming down my face.

"Bri, I do trust you... Its Jake that I don't trust." and with that I look up at him with a confused look on my face. "I'm sorry but its the truth... wait... Brianna, are you crying? Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Please don't cry." He says holding me tighter. After he holds me in his arms for a few minutes, I wipe the tears from my eyes, we get our bags out of the car and then we head up towards my room.

"Shh... We have to be quiet 'cause everyone is sleeping." I say turning on my bedroom light. "I'm gonna go to my parents bathroom to change into my pajamas, you can just use the hallway bathroom if you want." I say grabbing a random t-shirt and pair of shorts from my dresser.

"Alright... I'll see ya back here in a few minutes." Sidney says kissing me on my forehead. I ended up getting back to my room before Sidney did, so I pulled down the covers and crawled into my bed. A minute or so later Sidney came back into my room and crawled into bed next to me.

"Bri? Are you still awake?" Sidney whispers.

"Of course I am...I wouldnt go to sleep without saying good night to you." I say turning so that we are face-to-face.

"Well I'm pretty tired so I think I'm gonna go to sleep." Sidney yawns and pulls me closer to him.

"Same here... I don't wanna be too tired to go to the mall tomorrow." I whisper.

"Goodnight babe." Sidney whispers kissing me.

"Goodnight hun." I whisper kissing him back. At around 11:00am Sidney and I finally woke up.

"Good morning Bri." Sidney says in a cheerful voice.

"Good morning Sid... What time is it?" I ask.

"It's 11 so we should probably get up" Sidney replies. After we get up, we go out to my kitchen and read the sports section. Once we are done reading, I go to my parents bathroom to take a shower while Sidney uses the shower in the other bathroom. Then, after my shower, I changed into some black soffe shorts and a light blue RBK t-shirt. Once I'm dressed, I put on some make-up and walk back towards my room. By the time I got back to my room Sidney was laying on my bed wearing a navy blue pair of shorts, and a white RBK t-shirt and he was watching SportsCenter. When I get back to my room I smile at Sidney and he smiles back. By the time I scrunch my hair and find my black RBK flip flops its like 12:40 so Sidney and I decide to leave for the mall.

"So are you ready to go shopping?" I ask in an excited tone as Sidney and I get into my car and head towards Robinson Mall.

"I guess so, and by the look on your face I can tell that you definatly are." Sidney says with a laugh. For the rest of the ride Sidney and I just talked about random stuff like what we planned on buying and what stores Robinson had. Once we got to the mall we parked at the Food Court, Sidney put on his RBK hat and sunglasses so that no one would notice him, and since we were trying to really hide the whole 'us dating thing' we decided that it would probably be a good idea if we didnt hold hands. When we got into the mall, we walked towards Dicks Sporting Goods so that we could meet up with Abby and Ryan to buy our Pirate stuff.

I Always Knew I Would Fall in Love With You chapter 26

Once Sidney and I get back to where the lockers are I put the candy that I bought into the locker and take out the picture of Addie Marco Sidney and I from the Log Jammer so that I can show everyone when we meet them over at the pizza place. After looking at the picture for a few seconds I can feel my eyes filling up with tears, but I am determined not to cry so I bite my lower lip and tries to force back the tears. Sidney must have noticed the look on my face because he quickly pulled me into his big strong arms.

"Baby...don't cry... I know that you're sad that Marco and Addie had to leave, but I'm still here and were still gonna gave a great time." Sidney says kissing the top of my head.

"I know..I know.. I'm sorry Sidney." I say looking into those big brown eyes of his again.

"Brianna..." Sidney whispers.

"what is it Sidney?.." I whisper back.

"Did I ever tell you that you have the most beautiful hazel eyes that I have ever seen in my entire life?" Sidney Asks.

"Aww Sidney... you always know the right things to say.." I say then I kiss him.

"Mmm.. Bri, your lip gloss tastes good." Sidney says as we part after a passionate kiss.

"Thanks Sid, but um... we should get going if we dont wanna be late..... oops, hang on a second." I say stopping Sidney.

"What's wrong?" Sidney says as I start cracking up.

"Haha, um you have some of my lip gloss on your lower lip." I say with a laugh as I wipe the lip gloss off of Sidney's lower lip with my thumb. "There ya go, much better!" I say with a smile.

"Thanks Bri. I would kiss you again, but I don't wanna wear your lip gloss anymore." He says with a laugh.

"haha! It's cool Sidney, I understand." I say kissing him on his cheek and I make sure that I didn't leave any lip gloss behind.

"Now we better get going or else we really are going to be late." Sidney says as I pick up my draw string bag, then he takes my hand and we start walking towards the pizza place.

As Sidney and I get over to the pizza place, we see my family, the Crosbys, and the Lemieux's walking over.
"Good timing." I say as we all walk towards the empty tables and sit down. After everyone figures out what they want, Sidney and I volunteer to go get the pizza, but the moms tell us not to worry about it and that they got it. So we told them that if they needed any help to let us know. Since its going to be a few minutes til the moms get back the kids decide that they wanna go make spin art so the dads give them some money and tell them to have fun.

"Bri, will you come over with us?" Alexa asks.

"Um... ya go get in line I'll be over in a few minutes." I say.

"Alright Bri! See ya in a few minutes." Alexa says with a smile as her and the other three kids walk over to get in line for the spin art.

"Brianna who's in that picture?" Mario says looking at the picture of Marco Addie Sidney and I on the Log Jammer.

"Oh um... that's Sidney, Me, then thats Marco and Addie." I say blushing as I point everyone out.

"Oh my gosh I havent seen them in so long." My dad says looking at both of the picutes.

"Ya I know, I was soo excited when I saw them here this morning." I say with a smile.

"Brianna, how exactly do you know Marco and Addie again?" Mario asks.

"I used to go to school with Adrianna and we were like best friends, then she moved right before we started 9th grade to Allentown and she went to school with Marco. During one of our long weekends, I went there to visit her and thats when I met Marco because he wanted to watch the race that was on tv and none of his friends would and I told him that I would since I loved racing and Marco and I have been friends ever since." I say with a smile thinking back to the first time I met Marco.

"What's with this pose?" Mr. Crosby asks looking at the picture of us on the Log Jammer.

"Um.. well.." Sidney stutters as his cheeks turn bright red.

"Well Mr Crosby, it's a tradition that Addie and I started a long long time ago that every year we do something funny on the Log Jammer, so we decided to let the guys join in on the fun this year and that was the pose we agreed on." I say with a laugh.

"Ya... what she said..." Sidney replies giving me a wink.

"Oh okay... fine with me..." Mr. Crosby says..

"Brianna are you two coming or not?" Alexa yells.

"Ya were coming." I yell back as Sidney and I get up and head towards the spin art stand.